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Found 6 results

  1. I would make more interesting the process of stealing a car. Right now, if the car is unlocked the player can just jump in and go or with a lock pick he / she can unlock the door and drive. ( not very realistic because in real life, you can open and get in a car but you cant drive unless you have a key to start the engine or if you manage to start the car with the wires). I would keep the lockpick to open the doors of the car but I would add an extra item as a '' fake key '' or a tool to '' hot-wire '' to start the engine. Like this the process of stealing a car is a bit more complicated and realistic. It will add an extra 10 - 15 seconds on top of the 5 - 10 seconds to lock pick a car. It will be risky to steal a car . If a car is left in the parking lot with the engine turned ON but locked the doors, the player can just lockpick the doors and drive but if the car has the engine OFF, he will need both tools. Same for stealing an NPC car, if the car is moving and you manage to take the driver out, you can drive it but if you will find it in the parking lot , you need both tools. This way when you steal a civilians car, the civilians will have to look for it and go on a small hunt for you ( more roleplay ) and the police will be involved as well.
  2. Ive got an illegal job idea. Right now some of us have really expensive and fancy cars and if stolen or lost, there is not a big tragedy as you will have it back after the storm. Imagine having your car stolen in real life, it will be a big trouble, having the police involved and you having to stay without a car. There´s my idea. Id create an option in where any player who stole a car, local or civilian car, he can bring it to scrap yard (private place same as money laundry building and if caught you will be charged with trespassing ) and '' destroy it or sell it on the black market ''. For local cars from NPC´s you will destroy the car right away and get some money depending on the value of the car or a 10% of the cars retail price from Simeons. For a civilians car its a bit more interesting. If a player will steal a civilians car, he can bring it to scrap yard and sell it on the black market. For every car sold, the player will get 10% of the retail price of the car but in dirty money.(they will have to clean the money as well). In the same time, if a car is stolen and sold at scarp yard, the owner of the car will not be able to get the car back after the storm but the car it will be locked at scrap yard for 7 days ( same as impound ) and in the garage it will say ILLEGALLY SOLD. After 7 days the police can go and recover the car and the owner has to pay a fee ( same as impound but not as expensive ) in order to get it back. Here is the interesting part. If a player is trying to sell a civilians car at scrap yard, the police will get notified ( same as in a bank robbery ) and the player will have to wait at scrap yard for like 5 / 6 minutes to sell the car. ( its exactly the same process at a bank heist but different scenario and involved other players as well ). After the car is sold, the player will have to make an escape plan.
  3. Good news everyone! Your voices have been heard and we are doing a Street Race Event Tomorrow SUNDAY 8/2/2020 at 8 PM UK time. There will be 1, 2 and 3 place price 1 - Apollo - 2 Million 2 - Audi - 1.7 Million 3 - Bentley- 1.45 Million Start positions will be decided by individual laps, fastest lap starts in front and so on It will be a circuit track with 10 laps, cars will be provided by DUB'd and hopefully everyone will have a great time and there will probably be held a Party afterwards with music, drinks and a good time! Ryan Wick Donte Pablova
  4. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT !!!NEW CAR DAY!!! 12 new cars are in the city today ladies and gents we will be opening for 8:00pm UK time so be around to get your hands on the exclusive limited vehicles that are here. The catalogue is getting updates as we speak so have a look and see what you fancy! We have taken customer feedback into consideration and all of our vehicles prices have changed. CHEERS FOR YOUR BUSINESS HAPPY BUYING
  5. DUB'd The Auto Shop will be having its Grand Opening very soon. Just finishing off the finer details before we go 'live' get in our discord to get a front row seat to all of the insider information! Great things are coming.... Hopefully we will see you soon -Don Pablo -Ryan Wick
  6. This is basically a second version of the suggestion HOMPAS made, and i thought maybe theres some specific cars that dont have any gta 5 counterparts that are pretty cool starting off with the nissan 300zx z31 one of the sickest Japanese cars of the 80s imo and I think it would be an awesome car to add the FC3S variant of the rx7 is also an instant classic from the 80s and I think it would be a super cool add on to the server the e60 generation of the m5 is pretty much the go to for any Russian mafia and its an awesome car that I'd love to get added The SLR Mclaren is one of the sickest supercars imo and I think it would be an awesome addition the Murcielago much like the SLR Mclaren is also a great supercar that would be a great addition the Porsche 993 Carrera RS is imo the sickest porsche ever and I think it would be awesome to add I tried to make the list of the mods short with only 6 and tried to look around for the best mods for these cars, not asking for all of these to be added but just as a suggestion if it would be of interest for the development team for these cars to be added