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  • Server rules

  • 1. Value your characters

    Make sure that you think about the consequences of your characters actions. You are not allowed to make a character for a specific scenario to then throw it away (unless cleared with a high ranked staff member first). If you get caught doing so we will add the jail time and the charges on to your main character. You should also fear death and injuries. So don't run into fires, jump off heights or in any way hurt yourself intentionally.
  • 2. Meta-Gaming

    Meta-gaming is using Out-of-character or 3rd party information in an in-character context. Doing this will result in a kick or a ban.
  • 3. Combat Logging

    If you're in an active RP situation you do not disconnect to avoid arrest. This means that you may not close your game or quit the game when you are: being arrested, in custody or incapacitated (To not have to wait 5 minutes), or in an RP situation with anybody! If your game crashes make an attempt to find the officer/civilian you were in custody/RPing with and attempt to continue the RP. Come to TeamSpeak support and let someone know if you have crashed. Combat Logging can result in you having your character deleted. This also means that you shouldn’t start situations you don’t have time to finish.
  • 4. FailRP

    Make sure everything you do has roleplay involvement. This is a roleplay server, so think to yourself "Could I do this in real life" and if the answer is no, then don't do it! Failing to RP is a bannable offense and is not taken lightly by the staff! Also there is no RP reason to just speed everywhere you go and follow absolutely no traffic laws. Basically, don't FailRP.
  • 5. RDM

    This rule is common sense and universal among all roleplay servers that exist. Only kill for a valid reason. "Because I'm a criminal" or "I felt like it" is NOT a valid reason to kill someone. Rival gang members, an armed robbery that goes wrong, scenarios like that are alright, but don't make a constant habit of it. It could be viewed as deathmatching and reported.
  • 6. Cop baiting

    This is a huge one! It goes hand in hand with FailRP usually! If your motive for doing something is "I wanna get caught by the police" or "I wanna get in a police chase," then you're cop baiting! Any act to intentionally grab the attention of the police is cop baiting and will get you banned, so don't do it.
  • 7. Chat rules

    LOOC/OOC is out of character chats and should only be used for vital information and/or help. If you need staff to assist you with something you can use /report in the chat or join our TeamSpeak server and use the “Support Waiting Room” near the top. Twitter/LifeInvader on the other hand is an in character chat so be careful with what you type in there. Also make sure not to spam any of the chats.
  • 8. Account/Character rules

    Only one steam account per person is allowed on the server. Make sure that your character has a realistic first name, last name, date of birth and twitter handle. Names like “T Dog” would not be allowed as a character name but would be ok as twitter handle. Also make sure that your characters name isn't something inappropriate such as “Ben Dover” or “Mike Oxlong”.
  • 9. Game functions

    Do not block or hinder functions of the game. For example placing/leaving a vehicle in a job circle or blocking the door to a hospital. When you plan to disconnect from the server please make sure that your vehicle is parked properly in your garage as it could be stolen and/or impounded while you are gone. Any action taken to abuse the game mechanics will result in a warning, kick and or ban.
  • 10. Low police presence

    Player on player crime is not allowed during low police, such as kidnapping, robbery, etc.
  • 11. Mods/exploits/hacking

    The only modifications you are allowed on your client is map, sound and/or lighting. If you are caught with any other modifications you will be banned. Abusing game mechanics is not allowed such as using bugs to your own advantage. If you ever find a way to do so, go straight to a staff member and tell them how and what it is. Using a mod menu or a hack of any kind will result in a ban.
  • 12. IRL Monetary gains

    No one may charge another player money or gifts in exchange for in-game money.
  • 13. Safezones

    Kortz Center is the area that people spawn in at. Do not commit any crimes in this area. Doing so will result in a kick or ban.
  • 14. GTA Online Driving

    Make sure that what you are doing with your car can be done IRL. Driving a supercar offroad or taking a car onto the train tracks etc is not realistic.
  • 15. Streaming and or Recording

    Any recording or streaming done on the server may not be used without permission. Meaning you will have to apply for a streamer role before you start streaming. Once accepted make sure you read the #streamer-rules on our discord.
  • 16. No Discrimination/Racism

    Any discriminatory remarks or comments in relation to Race, Religion, Age, Sex or Sexual orientation will be dealt with harshly by means of an immediate ban. There is no exception to this rule, this means both in and out of role play these actions and comments are completely unacceptable.
  • 17. Mic requirement

    To achieve a high standard of RP, we require all players to use a mic in game. If you do not have a mic you will be removed from the game. If you need help please do /report reason or come to our support in TeamSpeak and we will do our best to help get your mic working.
  • 18. Drug rules

    You are only allowed to buy or sell drugs when there is at least medium police presence on the server. (This does not apply to weed which only requires one police officer on) You are not allowed to resell drugs to players. The only people allowed to sell drugs to players are the drug faction members. The maximum amount of drugs you are allowed to buy at one time is 175 bags. Drug faction members are not allowed to sell their own drugs to NPCs. Do not conduct drug deals near a garage. Make sure that you drive at least 4 blocks from where you got your van to where the deal is taking place. Exception to this is if you want to sell on your own property.
  • 19. Keep the numbers fair

    At any sort of illegal activity no more than 5 people per civilian side is allowed. So if you and your friends are doing a bank robbery you are not allowed to be more than 5 people involved. And if your faction is attacking another faction no more than 5 people per faction involved. This is to try and keep it fair for smaller factions and for the cops.
  • 20. Teamspeak/Discord rules

    People use these services to talk and have fun. Make sure that you have a way of muting your mic if you are gonna make a lot of noise. Make sure that your name is relatable to either your character or steam account. Having inappropriate avatars or disconnect messages will not be tolerated.
  • 21. Respawning

    You are not allowed to respawn while in a police situation. Respawning while down is just a shortcut to the hospital which means you would end up arrested anyway. If you are caught respawning you will be brought back and dealt with as if you never went down.
  • Don't hesitate to go on to our TeamSpeak if you have any questions about these rules! And don't forget, have fun!!!
    All rules are subject to change.
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