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  1. Where is the SASP shield
  2. Supreme Cat


    You'd have to RP it out, so basically this means that you have to go to a mechanic in game and ask him to employ you.
  3. Vehicle changes: Removed the Vapid Scout from the police force (The unmarked with R/B lights is still in since I've asked to keep that one). All the police departments received the following new cars: 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility. 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe. 2014 Chevrolet Impala. LSPD and BCSO received a new vehicle for K-9, that being a 2018 Dodge Charger AWD. Liveries: SASP has received a slightly modified livery from the one they had before, with better definition and surprise, surprise "Reflective Tape" at the back, this should make the cars easier to see on the side of the freeway during the night time. LSPD has received brand new liveries, they needed something fresh. Scripts: The Police has finally invested some money in a more professional Radar system, that being the RS9000, police officers can find a guide on how to operate it in the Police Discord. The old ALPR system has received a slight change, now it can only detect the Plate and the Model of the vehicle.
  4. Removed from SASP: Old HSPU (Dodge Charger Hellcat) Added to SASP: Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2018
  5. Added new vehicles for the classic dealership: 1959 BMW 507 (limited to 4) 1956 Ford F-100 (2 versions) (limited to 4 for each verions) 1967 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale (limited to 5) 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO (limited to 4) Added new motorcycle to the motorcycle dealership: Suzuki ZF50 (limited to 10) Added Rumpo Newsvan for reporters, limited to 10, you have to buy them from auto-imports. (You have to have the reporter job to buy one)
  6. Fixed bugs: The cars from the last DLC can now be customized. Added to Simeons: Retired CVPI
  7. Server Reset: The Server has been reset the only things remaining will be your characters and the clothes they wear. Everything else has been reset, saved clothing, weapons, lockboxes, cars, bikes, Jobs, All Aircraft, Money, Phone contacts and all Text messages (you keep the phone number you have) Property you owned before the reset you keep. If you have any questions or need assistance, please come to support in TeamSpeak. MRPD LSPD Spawn location moved back into the back of the changing rooms in MRPD Weapon Selector for weapon add on fixed Removed Rank selector (weapon packs re ranks been added to the admin panel) Added extra’s Garage Paleto Bay PD – Sandy Shores PD BCSO Added BCSO/SASP spawn point Remove Police garage and replace with normal one Weapon Selector for weapon add on fixed Removed Rank selector (weapon packs re ranks been added to the admin panel) Locks on all cell doors added Lock to cell block door added Added extra’s garage Popular Street PD Added garage Weapon Selector for weapon add on fixed Removed Rank selector (weapon packs re ranks been added to the admin panel) Added extras garage Added 3 Classes of police dogs (Retriever, German Shepherd, Husky) (buffed stamina, tweaked overall stats) Added spawn location so that police dogs can spawn at MRPD, PSPD, SandyPD, PaletoPD Added the following to the Admin Panel: Add Police Equipment (Taser-Nightstick-Torch-Beanbag shotgun) Add Pistol MK2 Add Heavy Pistol Add Revolver Add SMG Add Carbine Add SWAT equipment (Note: no one is to issue weapons unless authorised by Head of Swat or Chiefs of LSPD, BCSO, SASP, US Marshall) Added Hellcat HSPU SASP Added Sand King BCSO Added Quad Patrol Bike BCSO Added Gurkha Armoured All terrain SWAT Added New US Marshall Cars. Added new Road Police Patrol Bike – Hakucho (LSPD, BCSO, SASP) Added new Off-road Police Bikes – BF400 (LSPD, BCSO, SASP) Added Parking Enforcement Added Female uniform for BCSO Added Female uniform for SASP __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Police Weapon Packs: LSPD Remove pump action shotgun, replaced with bean bag gun (add Beretta Pistol) SASP Add Heavy Pistol, replaced pump shotgun with bean bag gun. BCSO Add 6 shooter (gold) Pistol. Removed pump shotgun replace with bean bag gun. Carbine (removed from all except SWAT, FiB, US Marshall) SMG issued by SWAT only! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Amunation (all of them) Removed all guns except for the ‘Pistol increase in price – ‘SnS Pistol increase in price. Melee weapons prices adjusted. Added Body Armour. Added Parachutes increase in price. Simeons Garage Removed from Simmions – Stretch Limo – Super Diamond __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bank/Jewellery Store Robbery Increased amount you can get by 25% - 35%. Reduced time it takes to rob a bank by 40% Added Text warning and radius marker (re bank robbery being cancelled) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Refuelling Stations Car/Helicopter/Boat/Plane Added Boat refuel stations to areas Top, Left, Bottom, Right sides of the map (locations are marked on the map (small red boat icon) Electric refuelling fixed works on all electric cars Fixed Helicopter refuelling Points, Sandy Shores Airfield, Los Santos international Airport Added Plane refuelling to Runway Los Santos International Airport and Sandy shores Airfield (marked on the map (small red plane icon) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Scuba Diving Spawn Locations Added scuba diving spawn location to Paleto on dock opposite the boat garage. Moved scuba spawn on privately owned property __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Interiors ALL INTERIORS SHOULD NOW BE WORKING. New Interiors Added 6 new house interiors added to Mirror Park Added new interior for Pacific Bank New Store added to Paleto bay New Liquor store added to Paleto New interiors added (Upper Vinewood) 2 New Penthouse interiors added (near Jewellery store) New Store added to Legion Square __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Miscellaneous Added DA Job Added Jobs Doctor/Consultant/Surgeon/Nurse Added Job Car Dealer Add Job Aircraft Sales Rep Added ATM to Auto Imports Sniper scope fixed and updated (SWAT USE ONLY!) Added Public Garage near LS International Airport Added Garage to Helicopter Showroom (LSIA) Added Garage to Fixed Wing Showroom (LSIA) Removed Go-Kart Icon of the map Added Valkyrie Helicopters FIB, Noose, USAF, US Army, US Marines. Added New Boat garage to the Alamo Sea Added Boat refuelling Station to the Alamo Sea Police boats issued to police now work and can be saved in all boat garages EMS Rescue Boat can now be saved in all boat garages All Job payments now go directly into your bank account Adjusted MDT, increased Fines and adjusted Jail time, added new laws and regulations. New ID cards. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RP JOBS: (Tick the amount you receive from the Government) Police increased Tick Lawyer Increased Tick EMS increased Tick Reporter Increased Tick Taxi Increased Tick Textile increased Tick Fisherman increased Tick Mechanic increased Tick FiB increased Tick US Marshall Service Increased Tick District Attorney’s Increased Tick __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stores Lock Picks Increased price Repair Kits Increased price Storage Boxes increased price Weapon Boxes Increased price __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Added to Auto Imports Aston Martin Vantage (10) Mercedes-Benz S650 (12) Porsche Cayman 981 (12) Ford Fiesta ST WRC Rally Car (7) Chevrolet Impala (13) 2020 International Lonestar Truck (5) Lincoln Navigator SUV (10) Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Verde(7) Honda Accord (15) Stretch Limo (5) Taken from Simeons Super Diamond (16) Taken from Simeons Added to the Classic Car Dealership Toyota Celica Supra (10) Chevrolet El Camino SS (10) Pontiac Firebird (Trans Am) (7) F-One 49d (6) (Ford F-Series) F-One 49db (6) (Ford F-Series) F-One 49s (4) (Ford F-Series) F-Six 49s (5) (Ford F-Series) Lancia Delta Intergrale (8) 2CV (6) 2CVa (5) Ford Mustang 1995 (14) BMW M1 (9) Chevy 1967 (6) 1937 Cord 812 Charged Beverly Sedan (2) Rose’s Bike Dealership BMW GS310 KCC Jester Suzuki RMZ 125 LCC Templar 2020 Yamaha XT-700 KCC Kingz Knight KCC Kingz Horse Honda CBR650R Duke and Claudia’s Boating and Leisure Craft Store Sea Ray 510 mini yacht Davenports Helicopter Dealership Valkyrie Civilian (5) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please stay tuned for further updates (This is Phase one of Two) much more to follow in the future, thank you and have fun LSL Development Team
  8. New vehicles have been added: Nissan Skyline GTR R35 Ford Taurus 2016 (LSPD - Unique vehicle)(FPIS) Updated store robberies script: Reduced the robbing time by 40% Removed the store close to Paleto
  9. Improved handling for the following vehicles: Asbo Limited to 15 (Auto Imports) Everon Limited to 10 (Auto Imports) Furia Limited to 10 (Auto Imports) Komodo Limited to 8 (Auto Imports) Outlaw Limited to 11 (Auto Imports) Rebla Limited to 10 (Auto Imports Sugoi Limited to 12 (Auto Imports) Vagrant Limited to 12 (Auto Imports) VSTR Limited to 7 (Auto Imports) Yosemite2 Limited to 4 (Auto Imports) Zhaba Limited to 4 (Auto Imports) $3.25m Kanjo Limited to 12 (Classic Car Dealership) Retinue2 Limited to 15 (Classic Car Dealership) Sultan2 Limited to 9 (Classic Car Dealership) Stryder Limited to 9 (Rose’s Bike Shop)
  10. New vehicles added: 18 Vehicles from the last GTA Online DLC. New guns attachment added for: Less lethal shotgun
  11. Handling tweaks for: Vapid Scout (LSPD, BCSO, SASP) Unmarked Vapid Scout (LSPD, BCSO, SASP) Dodge Charger 2018 (LSPD, BCSO) Dodge Charger 2016 AWD (SASP - Unmarked) New liveries for: Dodge Charger 2018 (BCSO) Police Cara (BCSO) Vapid Scout (BCSO) Added new police vehicle: Invertero Coquette (For testing) Added new script: Robable Stores (For testing)
  12. Added Snow (For the Christmas Period) so watch your driving… Added Snowballs (for Snowball fights) Remember not to throw them at Law Enforcement/EMS … Added New Style Menu F7 Added New Emotes F7 Added BMW Z40 Alchemist (Donation Event) Tweaked/Changes to LSL Resource (Multiple Changes) VOIP (Voice Chat) Modified (Shift H) to see Voice distance Weather Sink Removed and reprogrammed/recoded New Custom Restart Warning for the server (Notifications now warn users clearly in the middle of the screen) Changed Handling All Police Chargers Tweaked Handling All Police (Scout SUV (Vapid)) BCSO Cara Cara Fixed Handling Server 1 switched to 64 slots Server 2 shut down Further huge changes and lots of new content to come to in January 2020!
  13. Added New Motor Bikes: Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R - Rose's Bike Shop (Limited to 12) Honda Goldwing - Rose's Bike Shop (Limited to 10) Prices to be set by Rose. Added New Cars: 2020 Chevrolet Camaro - Limited to 1 Donator Event Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta - Limited to 1 Donator Event Toyota MR2 GT - Ross Quartz Classic Car Dealership (Limited to 15) - ($395,000) Mitsubishi FTO GP R - Ross Quartz Classic Car Dealership (Limited to 15) - ($465,000) Nissan Skyline GTR - Auto Imports (Limited to 12) - ($582,000) Opel Astra J - Auto Imports (Limited to 20) - ($67,000) - Not for any Staff/Owners Added: Porsche 718 Cayman S (Police Car) - Testing Only! Added Mercedes-AMG C63S - Limited to 1 (Assigned Already) Buffed Engine health on the Entity XF and the T20 Separate liveries to the Police Charger - LSPD/BCSO/SASP
  14. Map changes: Added Christmas map. Added Hospital Interior. Classic Dealership: Toyota Supra 1994 FF edition - Classic Car dealership limited to 7 ($500,000) Faction Vehicle: BMW M3E92 - NOT FOR SALE FACTION CAR (Limited to 10) Auto Imports: BMW X5E53 - Auto Imports Limited to 10 ($540,000)
  15. Added BCSO/SASP Skin to Marked Vapid Police SUV Added FJ Cruiser Off Road/Rally Works Showroom Limited to 10 ($400,000) Added Audi Quatro RS6 2015 To Auto Imports Limited to 6 ($1.45m) Added 63 New Backpacks to clothing store Added Jaguar C-X75 to Auto Imports Limited to 10 ($2.5m) Edited Player Commands Removed all custom Bikes (New bikes will be added over the next few weeks) Removed Slingshot (Please see Rose or a Director for a refund if you owned this) Removed Crown Vic/Tahoe/Explorer Police.