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  1. New vehicles added: 18 Vehicles from the last GTA Online DLC. New guns attachment added for: Less lethal shotgun
  2. Handling tweaks for: Vapid Scout (LSPD, BCSO, SASP) Unmarked Vapid Scout (LSPD, BCSO, SASP) Dodge Charger 2018 (LSPD, BCSO) Dodge Charger 2016 AWD (SASP - Unmarked) New liveries for: Dodge Charger 2018 (BCSO) Police Cara (BCSO) Vapid Scout (BCSO) Added new police vehicle: Invertero Coquette (For testing) Added new script: Robable Stores (For testing)
  3. Added Snow (For the Christmas Period) so watch your driving… Added Snowballs (for Snowball fights) Remember not to throw them at Law Enforcement/EMS … Added New Style Menu F7 Added New Emotes F7 Added BMW Z40 Alchemist (Donation Event) Tweaked/Changes to LSL Resource (Multiple Changes) VOIP (Voice Chat) Modified (Shift H) to see Voice distance Weather Sink Removed and reprogrammed/recoded New Custom Restart Warning for the server (Notifications now warn users clearly in the middle of the screen) Changed Handling All Police Chargers Tweaked Handling All Police (Scout SUV (Vapid)) BCSO Cara Cara Fixed Handling Server 1 switched to 64 slots Server 2 shut down Further huge changes and lots of new content to come to in January 2020!
  4. Added New Motor Bikes: Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R - Rose's Bike Shop (Limited to 12) Honda Goldwing - Rose's Bike Shop (Limited to 10) Prices to be set by Rose. Added New Cars: 2020 Chevrolet Camaro - Limited to 1 Donator Event Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta - Limited to 1 Donator Event Toyota MR2 GT - Ross Quartz Classic Car Dealership (Limited to 15) - ($395,000) Mitsubishi FTO GP R - Ross Quartz Classic Car Dealership (Limited to 15) - ($465,000) Nissan Skyline GTR - Auto Imports (Limited to 12) - ($582,000) Opel Astra J - Auto Imports (Limited to 20) - ($67,000) - Not for any Staff/Owners Added: Porsche 718 Cayman S (Police Car) - Testing Only! Added Mercedes-AMG C63S - Limited to 1 (Assigned Already) Buffed Engine health on the Entity XF and the T20 Separate liveries to the Police Charger - LSPD/BCSO/SASP
  5. Map changes: Added Christmas map. Added Hospital Interior. Classic Dealership: Toyota Supra 1994 FF edition - Classic Car dealership limited to 7 ($500,000) Faction Vehicle: BMW M3E92 - NOT FOR SALE FACTION CAR (Limited to 10) Auto Imports: BMW X5E53 - Auto Imports Limited to 10 ($540,000)
  6. Added BCSO/SASP Skin to Marked Vapid Police SUV Added FJ Cruiser Off Road/Rally Works Showroom Limited to 10 ($400,000) Added Audi Quatro RS6 2015 To Auto Imports Limited to 6 ($1.45m) Added 63 New Backpacks to clothing store Added Jaguar C-X75 to Auto Imports Limited to 10 ($2.5m) Edited Player Commands Removed all custom Bikes (New bikes will be added over the next few weeks) Removed Slingshot (Please see Rose or a Director for a refund if you owned this) Removed Crown Vic/Tahoe/Explorer Police.
  7. Added to the classic cars dealership: Nissan Skyline 2JZ GTR-R32 Added 3 new special cars - In for testing.
  8. Added SS Grangers - USM - FIB - S.W.A.T SO. Added Vapid Marked Police SUV - LSPD Added Vapid Unmarked Police SUV - LSPD/BCSO Detectives (S.W.A.T SO) Added Freecrawler SUV - In at Simeons Added Cara2 - In at Simeons Added Toyota FJCruiser - In at Simeons Added Full interior at BCSO Station in Paleto Bay (In for testing)
  9. Sounds like interesting changes, I'll probably personally look into what's possible doing. Maybe if we're lucky some of this can become a thing.
  10. New donator cars in for testing, DONATE to find out. New emote for testing (don't use if you are not authorized). FIB siren to the FIB Buffalo.
  11. Improvements for a few car handling wise. - xa21 -fmj -dubsta3 -tezeract -sheava The police Ford Explorer 2016 and the Taurus have been replaced by different models. It should help fixing some of the performance issues the old cars caused.
  12. The handling of many cars have been improved. List of cars improved from auto-imports: -Zentorno -Sc1 -Tyrus -Cheetah -Cyclone -Taipan -Xa21 -Adder -Osiris -Autarch -Visione -Krieger -Typhoon -Deveste ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List of cars improved from the rally dealership: -Le7b -Jester2 -Hotring -Banshee2 -FlashGT -SultanRS -Dominator3 -GB200 -Tropos -Omnis ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Simeons: -Virgo
  13. Dodge Ram 2500 2015 - Limited to 10 in the city. Cadillac Series Sixty One 1941 - Limited to 5 in the city. Chevrolet Bel Air & Nomad 1956 - Limited to 10 in the city. Polar Slingshot 2015 - Limited to 5 in the city. (Vehicles are in testing phase so there is a possibility that some could be removed from the server in the future) More to come this week...