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  1. MortyCrumble

    Hi There

    Hi Rose! Really looking forward to see you, and your bike shop and buy some bikes! I heard so much about it, but never catched you while you were open. Until then, have a good one and stay safe
  2. MortyCrumble


    Hello @ everyone! My name is Robin(26),I am swedish but live in germany. Most people know me under my main character "KoolKarl", with wich i do races, selling cars and bunch of other stuff of course ;). LSL is my first GTA RP server and I really enjoyed the 5month i have been here now. At the moment Im also trying to develop some other characters whom i can improve my roleplay with.(funnier stories, crazy attitudes etc.) Looking forward to be here for a while and create some nice experiences for all of us.
  3. Would love to stop by and see all of you, but i live in germany and started working again But nice thing to see that this is happening still! Have fun!!