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  1. Good news everyone! Your voices have been heard and we are doing a Street Race Event Tomorrow SUNDAY 8/2/2020 at 8 PM UK time. There will be 1, 2 and 3 place price 1 - Apollo - 2 Million 2 - Audi - 1.7 Million 3 - Bentley- 1.45 Million Start positions will be decided by individual laps, fastest lap starts in front and so on It will be a circuit track with 10 laps, cars will be provided by DUB'd and hopefully everyone will have a great time and there will probably be held a Party afterwards with music, drinks and a good time! Ryan Wick Donte Pablova
  2. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT !!!NEW CAR DAY!!! 12 new cars are in the city today ladies and gents we will be opening for 8:00pm UK time so be around to get your hands on the exclusive limited vehicles that are here. The catalogue is getting updates as we speak so have a look and see what you fancy! We have taken customer feedback into consideration and all of our vehicles prices have changed. CHEERS FOR YOUR BUSINESS HAPPY BUYING https://discord.gg/wjABa6K
  3. DUB'd The Auto Shop will be having its Grand Opening very soon. Just finishing off the finer details before we go 'live' get in our discord to get a front row seat to all of the insider information! Great things are coming.... https://discord.gg/wjABa6K Hopefully we will see you soon -Don Pablo -Ryan Wick