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  1. I've seen issues be caused by Strict NAT Types on team speak before, unless you can change it yourself contact your ISP
  2. Update 28/04/2020 5 New bikes added BMWS ($1,400,000) GSXR ($850,000) R1 ($590,000) HVROD (Faction Bike) FC250 ($240,000)
  3. Did you make that pheonix ? impressed if u did.
  4. looking forward to a full server and getting into a 16 man 10-80
  5. Was late at night and was browsing through some mods and just wanted to share some of my favourites (click for links)
  6. First of all you linked song lyrics ??? and the whole reason for this post was for people to have the option to purchase the upgraded version of their car lol
  7. Sorry for another post, Basically the suggestion is to add more "Upgradable" cars to the city, i already suggested this but just didn't put any effort into it at all so i've made a few examples. If that doesn't make sense to some people essentially the idea is to buy a car but have the option to upgrade it to the better version. BMW M5 - Normal BMW M5 - Upgraded Drafter - Normal Drafter - Upgraded Mercedes CLA - Normal Mercedes CLA - Upgraded Karuma - Normal Karuma - Upgraded