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  1. I'm very aware of new cars being added to the city, i'm not making this begging you to add them (but add the m4 i beg) they're just suggestions which hopefully in the future they could be looked at and considered. (click images for link) Porsche Turbo S Moshammer 2015 Audi A6 fnbodykit 2018 Honda Civic Type-R 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Nissan Fairlady Z Z33 Toyota Mark II JZX100 Volkswagen Golf 7.5R 2018 2020 Nissan GT-R Nismo Audi RS6 2016 2015 BMW F82 M4
  2. Instead of resetting the economy as everyone doesn't want it to, if you were to add bodykit options to cars people may find interest in them and begin to try and grind money to afford it, or those with alot of money already may even sell them on which just circulates in the economy. I'm aware there is already some in the city right now but there aren't a lot of options, some people like myself really enjoy certain cars like the BMW M5 & Drafter but just want some more modifications to it. Me being completely bias because the BMW M5 is my favourite car in-game i'm going to use it as an example but my point is just giving more options to more cars so everyone doesn't look the same. As well more customisation will mean cars can be more "sort after" and car meets could be made to show them off. I understand customisation can't just be added it would have to be a completely different car like the ninef2 and ninf4 but my point is still there and i just hope more options become available in the server since theres no real way to make your car different from everyone elses. (and yes i'm well aware it's an m4 in pic not m5 because i couldnt find a m5, anyway m4 is better )
  3. Just to give my personal opinion, i do think a economy reset would be a good idea as it means everyone would be grinding for money so factions would become more popular, everyone would be doing drugs which gives police more to do, so overall it would give everyone something to do. I'm also very aware of people having cars/money given to them for what ever reason, i was also one of them since i received a Jugular for free but it helped me so much as i was able to profit of it, however people with all these cars who horde them is also kinda ruining the economy as well since no one is selling cars to make money since they have so much already & auto imports is rarely open. I'm very 50/50 with this because i've worked very hard to afford the car that i have and spent weeks selling drugs and delivering parcels to pay for alot of stuff so it would be very annoying for a new player like me to be reset, however there is benefits with the reset so i'm neutral with this. I hope my opinion helps and i'm assuming money/cars will be reset if i'm not mistaken.
  4. Haazey

    MRPD Interior Update

    The testing lab is a sad excuse for drug lab
  5. Haazey


    I made a club which is open, since it was made for bit of a joke (Since i thought it was for factions) but i assume we're allowed them so i'd like to be able to close it to invite only or requests only, however i have no access or control over it. As well it's currently public but no one can join. Was this intended or not?
  6. Haazey

    Yes boys

    I'm a huge lad But yeah, I'm Haazey or normally known in game by Tyler Valentine so i'll see u boys on the server.