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  1. thank you for your presentation
  2. Haazey

    Share your setup!

    To get the forum more interactive I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone share their setups and possibly get help for improvements or new ideas! Ill start it off with mine, used for mainly Graphics design and gAmInG Im happy to share specs if anyone is interested
  3. Updated 09/07/2020 11 New bikes added fz07 ($600,000K) africat ($1,100,000) yzfsm2 ($800,000) cbrr ($950,000) z1000 ($1,200,000) r6 ($790,000) exciter ($90,000) yzfr125 ($280,000) mt10 ($820,000) trr ($650,000) serv_electricscooter ($125,000)
  4. I've seen issues be caused by Strict NAT Types on team speak before, unless you can change it yourself contact your ISP
  5. Update 28/04/2020 5 New bikes added BMWS ($1,400,000) GSXR ($850,000) R1 ($590,000) HVROD (Faction Bike) FC250 ($240,000)
  6. Faggio3 ratbike blazer sovereign sanctus esskey hexer rmz125 fz50 exciter manchez sanchez zombiea wolfsbane akuma nemesis cliffhanger gargoyle serv_electricscooter templar vader bf400 lectro defiler innovation avarus double diablous pcj nightblade fc250 yzfr1
  7. Did you make that pheonix ? impressed if u did.
  8. looking forward to a full server and getting into a 16 man 10-80
  9. Was late at night and was browsing through some mods and just wanted to share some of my favourites (click for links)
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