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  1. Vitaly Flujanco - Civilian Pilot - Call Sign VF-2007
  2. Solan Felgen - SF-2319 Civilian pilot
  3. Dani Valentino - DV-0606 Civillian pilot
  4. Tom Fields - TF-0952 Civilian Pilot
  5. Reodor Felgen - RF-0696 - civilian pilot
  6. Harlee Kipling - HK-8059 Civilian pilot
  7. Thomas Lubanga - TL-0442 Civilian Pilot
  8. Carlos Hernandez - CH-1125 Civilian Pilot
  9. Mario Russo Civilian Pilot MR-1010
  10. Anders Anderson Civilian Pilot Callsign AA-1337
  11. Mikhail Petrovich To Civilian Helicopter List - MP - 5050
  12. Don Pablo added to Civilian Helicopter List DP-0169
  13. Add Reggie Hughes to Civilian Helicopter list please RH-0540
  14. Mission The LSPD's and BCSO's goal, is to protect and maintain the high quality of life, for both residents of Los Santos and Blaine County. Furthermore the departments strives to prevent crime, and uphold a good community outreach. Join the police today! Before you apply for the police, please make sure you meet these requirements. - You are mature. - You are able to receive constructive criticism. - You fluently speak and write using the English language. - You are not afraid of working with others. - You have at least 2 days of playtime on the server. How to apply! - Go to the ''This sheet' Post a response - You will receive a reply via the forums within 7 days