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  1. If you sent a vehicle the USM (United State Marshall) by mistake you have until 17/11/2019 to please speak to Raj to collect it after that it will be removed. Following info must be given Car Name: When you lost it: Colour: Plate a letter or number from the plate:
  2. If you want to apply for Community Member please read the Member's Code of Conduct. Member's Code of Conduct Here are the list of rules and requirements that apply to all the members of LSL. You must have a working microphone. You must show a good sense of maturity and represent the LSL community in a positive light. You must be active within the community, somewhere near 2 days a week or more preferably. You must treat others within the community with respect as if you were speaking to them IRL. Failing to comply with the "Member's Code of Conduct" may l
  3. Hello, We are now changing the way we get new factions and businesses in. Applications will be done through Google forms. After you filled the form in the QA team will review your application. Contact will be done through private messages (make sure you check regularly). Applications are now OPEN Please do allow up to 2 weeks for a response if you have not received a response after 2 weeks. Please contact me by forums @Lamb Apply Here Today! Once you submit the application you can not change it, you would have to reapply. https://goo.gl/forms/PhEnJIgK77ThhEmo1
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