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  1. i do agree, so far the staff ive gotten to check it out have gotten addicted and i am so proud
  2. Rose

    This Or That

    Rain! Black or Red
  3. Rose

    New EMS

    working on getting the links fixed -Stacy Jackson EMS Sup
  4. Rose

    First Word

    I will start the first word off, then the next post has to reply with the first word he/she thinks of after reading it. For example, if someone reads 'apple' they might post 'pear' and it goes on and on. ready? First word is Racing
  5. Post something from your day to day that you find interesting, maybe its something in your local news or something that happened in your city. lets grow past our own area and see the madness spread around us
  6. Rose

    Meme War

    May the best Meme win.... it never truely ends does it?
  7. simple Share your taste in music maybe a link to a playlist you like? Lets share some music! ill start:
  8. Post three words to add on to the story. Keep the story rolling and SFW for as long as possible! I shall begin! =One afternoon in
  9. So, the aim of this game is simple. I will start off by saying a GTA-related word beginning with A. Then the next poster will write something GTA-related thing beginning with B, and we will go through the alphabet! When we reach Z, the next poster has to think of something starting with the last letter of the last post. E.g Guns -> Shooting. Go! AK-47
  10. Rose

    This Or That

    It's pretty simple, answer the last question then ask another "this or that" question for the next person. Let's begin! Xbox One or PS4?
  11. Want Great Ink at Great Prices? Im Sure you do! Come on down to Ink Line On Great Ocean HWY Our Shop Is Female Own and Female Run Text Rose 8111963012 From the DavenPorts To the LSPD were the most recommended Artist of the city
  12. Arrested for something you didn't do? Has someone attacked you? Had a crime committed against you? Call one of the Lawyers of BBLaw and get the treatment you deserve. ( we also accept new applicants ) Arthur Lee-333113616
  13. So ive slowly been working on getting some of the staff into the anime Fairytail Has anyone else watched it? If not can i get you addicted?? lets talk -IF YOUR GONNA GIVE SPOILERS GIVE A SPOILER WARNING-