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  1. please no necro posting -locked thread as event passed-
  2. 1. Minecraft 2. Sims 4 3. Planet Zoo 4. Borderlands 2 5.Raft
  3. please read the rules relating to cop baiting. Further inquiries please come to ts support where a member of staff can assist you
  4. hello Nyx, i will pass this concept onto the development team and see what we can do, while i do see you linked a plugin i can not guarantee that it will work with our coding or have to be reworked completly, i will try to let you know something as soon as i can Rose
  5. Hey Guys This is Just a heads up to please take a look in your garage if you have one of the following Bring it To me at the bike shop for a refund, as these bikes are being removed from the city. You can talk to My bike shop ( Rose or Richard), OR Kam/ David if i am not around. Bikes are being removed SUNDAY 12/1/2019 d99 ddc hf150 hn900 fcr2 hcbcr honcb honcbf hsmr hxre sxf450 hmar kza100 mvab mvaf hsmx hfc250 aprt r6 srmz hor600 rsv4 sban bmws ddrr srmz2 hrc213 hlcr kz750 hrcp213 hdfb diavel tmrs gsxr kz1000 hcb18 p51 r3 ktmtrr dgp215 hdkn kx450f dgp215 hgkn kx450f dgp15 kgpz bmwrsn knzx ktmrc8 honcbr ss750 bmwsr sgsx13 knh22 hbros bmws1 motoc knh2 ktmr
  6. ohh the 1967 Shelby mustang looks real nice, well see what we can do , it will take some time if we can
  7. Thank you for your interest in joining the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services. We provide efficient and immediate care to the critically ill and injured, and transport the patient to a medical facility where further treatment can be provided. We do our best to provide treatment to every citizen of Los Santos and ensure their safety throughout. This document will outline our recruitment procedure and help you see if you're eligible to join our team.You submit your application using our Application Format , making sure you follow all of the requirements listed Below Selection Requirements Age: The LSEMS requires that applicants be at least 18 years old at the time of submission. License: Applicants must possess a full driver's license issued by the Los Santos DMV. A trucker's license is required if the applicant wishes to join the Fire & Rescue Division. We typically prefer applicants with no major traffic or driving offenses. Clear Criminal Record: Applicants must not possess a criminal record and be in good standing with the community. The LSEMS does not accept applicants with charges placed in the past 8 months ((2 months)). Certain, but not all, misdemeanors can be excused depending on the time received and the nature of the charge. No History of Mental Issues: The LSEMS requires that applicants not have any history with certain mental conditions that could inhibit performance on-duty and cause further issues in the department. Exceptions can be made. Further Requirements: You must consent to a background check conducted by the Los Santos Police Department on behalf of the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services. You must understand and be completely capable of communicating (speaking and writing) in the English language. The LSLEMS has several Out-of-Character requirements that must be met on top of our In-Character requirements. You must be at least 16 years old at the time of submitting your application. You must possess a working microphone to be used in-game and on TeamSpeak 3 You must be able to communicate fluently in the English language, which includes grammar and spelling. You must have TeamSpeak 3 and Discord installed. You must be able to demonstrate very good roleplay ability. This does not mean, though, that you need to understand every aspect of medical roleplay, as we will do our best to assist you and have guides that will be of great help. If you are not 100% confident in your roleplay ability yet, we recommend spending some more time on the server and having fun. Other, less demanding factions, can also be joined to improve your roleplay ability before coming to the LSLEMS. You must be able to spend at least Five hours weekly on your LSLEMS character. we must make sure that all of our members are putting in an equal amount of time and not essentially "wasting" that slot that could be taken by a more dedicated member. This requirement can be temporarily exempted through a Leave of Absence. Your Admin Record has been clean for at least 7 days from the filing date. This means that you haven't had any punishments and you are in good standing with the community. Depending on the severity of the punishment, we reserve the right to deny your application based on your Admin Record, even after the 7 minimum. All cases are reviewed individually. Please Make a New topic filling out the Application using the format found Here S.Jackson Sup EMS
  8. Rose's Rack Bike Shack Sells many different motor bikes and tricycles! We have the need for speed and were here to help you find your dream ride! shoot us a text @ 111963012 or even send me a message here over the interwebs! if you have and questions
  9. i do agree, so far the staff ive gotten to check it out have gotten addicted and i am so proud
  10. Rose

    This Or That

    Rain! Black or Red
  11. Rose

    First Word

    I will start the first word off, then the next post has to reply with the first word he/she thinks of after reading it. For example, if someone reads 'apple' they might post 'pear' and it goes on and on. ready? First word is Racing