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  1. Already assigned and we are talking how the horses will be implemented. Thanks Kam
  2. Donators cannot sell there cars if they do they will lose the money and lose the car or cars. They gain no advantage as they will have no money. They will still need to do the jobs to earn the money. This applies to everyone !! Owners and all the staff team are bound by the same rule. Same rule applies to property. You will not be able to sell property (that you own) after the reset, not that anyone will have any money to buy properties anyway. One off cars and faction cars that people own and or factions have will be reserved and they will have to buy them again. (exception are Donator owned cars). This puts everyone on the same level. DEATHRATE Donators keep there cars after reset they will be given back. You also keep queue priority. DO NOT start untrue rumours, thank you Thanks Kam
  3. Please post any ideas that you would like to see on our RedM Server, I for one would like to see the Hunting System from RDR2 in for our Red M Server
  4. Correct, You cannot force someone to perma kill a charc. This would be power gaming and as such could be dealt with by staff. Plus the Law is clear you kill someones charc and the law enforcement have evidence it was you then your going away for life. RDR2 will be the same as LsL in his regard. No exceptions. Thanks Kam
  5. Hello, Played this game for a while now good graphics, good game play, good updates DLCs to come. Both single and multi player are good and I can see Rockstar are working hard to fix the bugs and add new content (weekly updates). Goes live on steam on 5 Dec Kam
  6. Hello, We will have a look at some of these cars and see if its possible to bring them in. Thank you Kam
  7. Thank you for your kind words. Wish you the same. 23 days to go for some 24 for most
  8. Hello Thank you for the post some nice looking cars. I will ask the DEV team to look if its possible to add some of them. Thank you Regards Kam