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  1. GIBSON ! You are NOT allowed to do Advanced Pilots Test! Train yes, TEST NO! All the above you have qualified are NOT ADV trained. Tim Matthews is the ONLY instructor to do advanced flight tests Thank you Kam
  2. Added: Mercedes-Benz C63 Black Series (2014) x8 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X x8 Acura NSX x9 Honda Civic Type-R x10 BMW M3 E36 Coupe x6 DUB'd Imports Thank you LsL
  3. World of Warcraft including Classic RDR Civ 4/5 BF 4,5,1 BF2 FM2020 World of Warships Jurassic World Evo Zoo Tycoon (new one) Roller coaster Tycoon C&C all versions (own them all) Sorry cannot pick between the 5
  4. Hello Thank you for your post. You make some good points, some of which are already work in progress. The idea of the $50 to start with is to get players starting jobs and rping. Plus interaction with Staff on the server who tend to help people with getting started, doing jobs and in some cases they will purchase the new player a driving licence (Police tend to help new players a lot when they get caught driving without a licence and they are new). As with everything new players can come into our TS support channels and they can then receive more detailed assistance. That being said I will get staff and the Development team to read your detailed and kind post. Thank you Kindest Regards Kam
  5. Hello, Due to unforeseen Technical issues the event has been postponed and we will announce a new date and time as soon as possible. Thank you all for your time and patience . Kindest Regards Kam
  6. Qualified Pilots List Qualified Helicopter Pilots Law enforcement: ASO Capt Kam (Advanced instructor) L.S.P.D Gibson (Advanced Pilot) (Instructor) L.S.P.D Taylor (SWAT Advanced) (Instructor) USM J. Kingston (Advanced Pilot & Instructor) L.S.P.D A. Marshall (Advanced Pilot & Instructor) B.S.C.O Ross Quartz (Advanced Pilot) L.S.P.D C.Decker (Advanced Pilot) Chief of L.S.P.D Stark L.S.P.D -M Anderson (Advanced Pilot) Chief of State Police S. Brown L.S.P.D T Alfasi Chief B.C.S.O West Capt Shaw L.S.P.D Qualified Helicopter Pilots EMS: Raj Bhama – EMS Lead Pilot (EMS Instructor) (Advanced Pilot Helicopter) Tom Stark - EMS (Advanced Pilot) Civilian Helicopter Pilots: Tim ’The Tiger’ Matthews (Kamv) - Lead Helicopter Instructor & Federal Flight Licencing - Los Santos City and State. Tom Springfield [TS-0328] Basic Helicopter Instructor Kurt Welter - [KW-1007] Basic Helicopter Instructor Pete Rickers [PR1001] Advanced Pilot Mathew Parks - [MP-6585] Advanced Pilot Jack Davenport - [JD-1986] Advanced Pilot Peter Ennis - [PE-0001] Advanced Pilot Callum Lamb - [CL-1870] Advanced Pilot Tyrelle Jenkins {TJ-6969} Advanced Pilot AlKhandro Medo [AL-9889] Advanced Pilot Stella Davenport Jones - [SDJ-5050] Advanced Pilot Phil Mccracken [PM-2359] Richard Scott [RS-2038] Harry Anderson - [HA-1000] - Advanced Pilot Steven West - [SW-7878] Aidan Agar [AA-1527] Markus Wrench [MW-1803] Richard Cheese [RC-1989 ] Tim Woods [TW-0069] Adrian Bogovic [AB-1994] Herma Nyx [HN-1005] Owen Holder [OH-7869] Kristian Imperial [KI-9422] John Snow [JS-2006] Adam Davidson [AD-6453] Matthew Gump [MG-5081] Lugi Russo [LR-8909] Don Falcone [DR-1991] Joe Scott [JS-0007] Vlad Harkonnen [VH0102] Jack Martin [JM-1009] Treva Brown TB-6969 Ryan DeTree – Weazel NEWS Head-Reporter [WN1111] Fixed wing (Planes) Civilian Pilots: Tim ’The Tiger’ Matthews (Advanced Instuctor Los Santos City and State) [TM1007] Vlad Harkonnen - [VH-0102] Basic Instructor/Advanced Pilot Pete Mitchell – [PM-1200] Basic Instructor/Advanced Pilot Mathew Parks - [MP-6585] Advanced Pilot Jack Davenport - [JD-1986] Advanced Pilot Pete Rickers (PR1001) Advanced Pilot Kurt Welter [KW-1007] Sam Light [SL-1800] Jack Martin [JM-1009] Tom Springfield [TS-0328] Reggie Hughes [RH-0540] Stella Davenport [SD-5050] Adrian Bogovic [AB-1994] DOD Pilots: Kam – All Aircraft Raj – Fixed Wing Qzen – Helicopters Any changes please contact Kam Thank you Los Santos Life.
  7. Hello Thank you for your entries and we apologise for the delay in announcing if we have a winner. This is because we are very busy with bringing you new content for our FiveM Server, Dayz Server and our soon to open Ark server. The Owners judging this will get together soon and see if we can pick a winner Should we be unable to pick a winner the competition will be extended until the first week of May 2020. Once again thank you Kindest Regards Kam
  8. Kamakazee

    Server Guide

    Hello all welcome too Los Santos Life™ © 2015-2020, here is a list of server information for LosSantosLife, if there is anything that you feel is missing or should be added just PM me. Direct Connection Information: Public 1 (64 Slots) TeamSpeak Address ts.lossantoslife.com Discord https://discord.gg/YJHpmZY Commands /report [ID] [message] - Use this to report a player breaking rules or to report a bug or you need admin assistance. /ooc [message] - Use this for out of character text and help, this is visible to everyone. /tweet [message] - This will send out a "tweet" that will be visible to all players. /me [message] - To simulate thoughts that cannot be interpreted through game mechanics. /do [message] - To simulate actions that you cannot do through game mechanics. /k - Use this to kneel down on the floor with your hands on your head. /emotes - See a list of emotes /e [emote name] - Name of the emote can be found in the list of emotes with /emotes /e c - Cancel emote Key Binds [ Z ] - Inventory (what you are carrying) [ E ]- Interaction Key [ G ] - Lock/Unlock (Car or Bike if you own them) [ T ] - Chat (OOC) [ U ] - Player Count (check your city ID - See Police and EMS presence) [ X ] - Put your hands up [ B ] - Point [ Z ] - Player Menu (please look as you can open your phone here etc) [ F7 ] - Open up emote list Graphics and Audio Settings Graphics Settings: Turn off the option named "Pause game on Focus Loss", this will allow you to tab out of the game without it pausing. Audio Settings: Turn off the option named "Mute Audio on focus Loss" this will allow you to tab out of the game and hear game/voice audio. Changelog The server's changelog can be found here: https://lossantoslife.com/forums/forum/16-changelog/ DONATIONS Donations help us to keep the servers running and allow us to add new things to the servers and community. Please feel free to donate here: https://lossantoslife.com/donate/make-donation/ Any amount is welcome, however if you donate £10.00 pounds or more as a thank you we will give you queue priority. We also have a new donation tier system! Please see our post on the homepage to see what you get for donating! If you have any questions or issues please feel free to join our TeamSpeak and enter the support waiting room channel or message me or one of the staff on the website or enter our discord and ask for help. Please feel free to post any suggestions and ideas in the forums Thank you Kind Regards Los Santos Life™ © 2015-2020
  9. Hello Work and Welcome to Los Santos Life Please go to this thread and follow the instructions to apply: https://lossantoslife.com/forums/forum/10-businessesfactions/ Kindest Regards Kam
  10. Already assigned and we are talking how the horses will be implemented. Thanks Kam
  11. Please post any ideas that you would like to see on our RedM Server, I for one would like to see the Hunting System from RDR2 in for our Red M Server
  12. Hello, Played this game for a while now good graphics, good game play, good updates DLCs to come. Both single and multi player are good and I can see Rockstar are working hard to fix the bugs and add new content (weekly updates). Goes live on steam on 5 Dec Kam