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  1. First of, I really want to give a big thank you for the server developers really for continuing to have an outstanding outcomes for server patches, the features and scripts are pretty much well linked together for satisfying role-play scenarios really cool job, with some little tweaks It'll be the best server. This is my first suggestion and I hope It might be a successful one.. I'll get into details now. You can see the title of the suggestion what It refers to, I will do the best I can to manage this suggestion with the current patch to avoid any struggles during role-play. So, as I witnessed multiple role-play scenarios and how the server is financially balanced.. I think the scripts and features of the server are most likely enjoyable by 3 groups If I'm not wrong: Legal officials (e.g Lawyers, cops). Illegal characters (e.g Factions, drug sellers). Business owners. Speaking of new players here who just joined the server and seeing $50 dollars in their wallet, they might not bother to check the bank as they've realized they're already screwed. I really do appreciate the Admins who wait for new players to join and help them up that's cool, but we'll come at one point where we need server independence and everyone to carry on their own needs. I've had today to help 1 person who's been to jail 3 times in one day for the same offense I was surprised, I asked him why, he honestly answered "I won't waste time digging legally If the government doesn't confess of my existence".. So I went into detail, I realized It's the issue of $50 at the beginning and also reconsidering payments from legal jobs. So, I asked him what would make him satisfied as a start he said $2,500 at wallet and $5,000 in bank, more likely $10,000 as a start in total. Based on this incident, It was my main reason to start a simple suggestion for the Hunger and Thirst as It'd give their lives more of attention and "confess their existence". The script will obviously be running only If the character have inventory feature where you can store items into your inventory. Stores should also include buying food and drinks from with certain prices. (Recommending from $1000-$5000 food and drinks.) Every player will be having a thirst and hunger bar. The bars are obviously filled upon eating and drinking. Each bar value is set to 5000 hunger / thirst (Hidden values, percentage shown 5000 = 100%) In life, I think a decent gap between each meal is 3-5 hours, 5000/5 = 1000 .. 5000/3 = 1666.8 so each 1 hour we lose 1000-1667. (5 hours system) 1 hour loss = 1000 value = 5000 x (20/100) = 5000 x 20%. Each 15 minutes (Paycheck) lose 5% = 250 -> 5000 x (5/100) (3 hours system) 1 hour loss = 1667 value = 5000 x (33.34/100) = 5000 x 33.34%. Each 15 minutes (Paycheck) lose 8.335% = 416.75 -> 5000 x (8.335/100). The character will automatically fall unconsciously after 5 hours or 3 hours without any meal or drink. Character gets 3/4 of each bar after revive. Health percentage is linked or not with hunger / thirst bars. ( Not sure ) https://github.com/MarmotaGit/esx_ladderhud
  2. Hi, I'm Wesam, having the very much unlucky days right now I can not either stay stable in Teamspeak nor FiveM servers keep crashing in-game: "Server reconnecting : SOON!" Every like 3-5 minutes, very frustrating, also Teamspeak server disconnects all automatically. I turned off my firewalls, anti-viruses everything.. help please! I like this server. Any port the server is attached to so I can stabilize my connection on the server.. If you can check my ip and like refresh it or something on your severs that would be much appreciated.. It's really frustrating, unplayable can't interfere with at least 1 role-play proper scenario.. god.