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  1. I like this server a lot, especially after they did some rework with the server, but there is a few things that make me tired of the server. as for example me, who tries to take helicopter license because i donated, and i have tried for so long, but everyone is just saying. I don't have time or maybe tomorrow. i have been asking a lot, but nothing is changed. i also tried to start a faction, but since i havent earned trust yet, i need a staff or something in my faction to start it because of the menu. but everytime i talk to QA they say they have to talk with their boss, but they never do. i feel like people are giving shit about me and that they just forget it. i am probably not the only one that feel it the same way.
  2. What's the price for the truck with a car innside of it?
  3. It would be nice to see how much space it is in your car, so you know how much you can put inn. And another thing is that it should be a app on the phone for transfeering small amounts of money or just check whats the balance in your bank account
  4. I was just wondering when we starts our own business, where do we get the items and money from, and also what does needed assets actually mean? Hope for quick response:) Adrian