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  1. Title: LSL EMS Application [ Character Name] Name Andrew Hawk First Middle Last Gender Male X Female Other Have you ever been arrested/Convicted of a felony? if so explain [Answer]No i have never been arrested 2.1) Employment History Length of Employment: Title: Job Duties: Reason for Leaving: Company Name: Length of Employment: Title: Job Duties: Reason for Leaving: Why do you Want to join the LSL EMS [answer Minimum of 50 words] Becouse i really like to help other pepole that need help and officers after a shooting and other stuff and be nice and take care of others. i see that there are not so many EMS on duty most of the time What do you Feel is your Strength: Good humor and i take cases very serious. What is your biggest Weakness when pepole are Fail Rp ing What do you bring to LSL EMS loots of help and just being a nice man and helping others. and i wanted to be EMS for a long time Forum Name Do you have any major Admin Notes that you are aware of? Nope How long have you been a member of the server { rough guess is fine} 2 and a half weeks Are you apart of any faction on alternative character{s} nope Please provide any Roleplay or IRL experience that you have aquired that may benefit the LSL EMS Player Information First Name Andrew Gender Male Age 29 Time Zone .Central european Do you have a working Mic? .Yes Do you have Discord/ Teamspeak .both Do you currently play on any other GTA RP servers and are you in any factions there? nope