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  1. I just wanna say that i think its stupid that some people donated in order to get rewards and in the next 2 months they lose everything and im sure that im not the only one feeling bad about this
  2. Even if this becomes a thing its just for rp right becouse you cant force someone to perma
  3. Im sure that you can get prize list or whatever you require to know about the vehicles if you speak to the right business owner in character and im preaty sure they gonna help you in the best way they can. However if this suggestion does come true i would suggest that there could be a specific forum section where this "in character" stuff could be posted in.
  4. The best thing about this is that you need to find out in rp
  5. Deathrate

    Real estate

    I am planing on buying a proprety and i was wondering if ill have more chance to speak to someone if i message on forums becouse i have never see anyone advertise it in game so if someone could lead me in the right direction it would be much appreciated Kind regards
  6. I would like to see this too, already the fact that we could rp using payphones makes me wanna have this however its probably hard to develop this