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  1. HemeraNyx


    hey ill just follow the lead then! Hi im HemeraNyx and i stream a big variety of games going up to fps games like csgo or R6. but i stream GTAVRP and LoL aswell even VR you can see me play!. Im always just trying to have fun with all of you come stop by and say hi!
  2. oke just starting this off here, lets drop in a top 5 of youre favorite games! 1 League of Legends 2 ARK Survival Evolved 3 Rainbow six siege 4 Fivem/GTA V 5 Beat Saber
  3. Hey im making this post regarding the ofroad scouts being faster then the dodge charger cruisers of the police. just wondering why this is or if it was a mistake.
  4. True I aggree with deathrate on this. it is so much better to go to the dealership and tell the dealer what you are looking for some might now some have no clue on what to get yet. then they recommend something that's within your budget.
  5. oh dear god @Rose no this anime needs so much time to catch up to I have it on my crunchyroll list but jus cant I have inserted a small portion of my top rated animes.
  6. darnit I f up quit bad there didn't I oeps then again wont take away that Id like to see a mustang 2016 edition or so
  7. Hey everyone the name is HemeraNyx aka wolfi. or Helios Nyx. 19 years young and a true dutchie. also streaming my adventures with all of you on my twitch hope you guys stop by and say hi. last but not least id like to say if you see me don't be afraid of stopping me and have a little chat. see ya all in the city
  8. I would love to see a mustang of 2015-2019 https://genius.com/Gunnarolla-song-nein-lyrics for a police type http://www.9gta.net/2019-ford-mustang-gt-mod-for-gta5/ normal
  9. Bump anyone who can tell me something if this is possible?
  10. Hello, I was wondering why there isn't a AI possibility for the K9 unit in police. I know that at this moment a other player has to take the role of a dog to do the K9 activities. but I think this is holding back a really good idea. I want to suggest if there is a possibility to look into have AI controlled dogs that have a few necessary commands. I also want to suggest to look at the link below since it has been done before. https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/19793-k9-partner/ kind regards HemeraNyx (Helios Nyx)