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  1. Hey, I think you bring up a very valid point. The scout is in my opinion too fast given it's size and off-road capability. But I also think that the charger is too fast with an incredible acceleration. I don't even want to discuss the SASP charger since that one is even stronger. In general I feel that all vehicles on the server are too fast. Almost every police pursuit I have seen reached speeds of 150mph. Some of them go over 200mph. In real life pursuits rarely exceed 100mph and I just think that driving at 150 is borderline failure to value your life and in the case of the police failure to value other people's lives by not disengaging from the pursuits. Even worse, I have recently observed a trend of increasing the speeds.I remember when we introduced the first batch of new vehicles in September last year. The cars were slower and were able to keep up with most pursuits. Now we sometimes struggle even with the super buffed cars. The example of the police Fenyr (the hyperceptor) is also indicative of this trend. When it was introduced (summer 2019) it was probably the fastest car on the server, but now it cannot keep up with the newly added High Speed Pursuit Units (HSPUs) such as the Porsche and the Croquette, despite being buffed once already. This is, In my opinion, a very dangerous trend and I am afraid we will go back to the insane speeds of late 2018 when a police explorer (SUV) reached speeds of about 250mph. I see the server wipe as a great opportunity to fix the problem and bring all the cars more in line with their realistic parameters. Hopefully the development team will realize that there is a problem and try to make the server more in line with our standards of realism. Personally, I would recommend to reduce the top speed on all vehicles by 33% and reduce the handling parameters by 15-25%. Best wishes. Turner
  2. Just wanted to thank "The priest" ( @the_asas ) for providing the police with creative RP scenarios. I appreciate the time and effort you put into coming up with those situations. We appreciate that you are always trying to keep it balanced and fun for both side. Furthermore, it is very nice to see criminals, who are not afraid to give the police a fair chance at catching them. Keep it up and I hope you will expand on the RP you are creating.
  3. I am very happy to see that we are hosting a community meeting. It is important that people try to think about what they would like to see added to the server. We are committed to improving your experience, but we do need your feedback to do this effectively. I would encourage as many of you as possible to come.
  4. I think resetting the economy is a bad idea. People stay with the community because they like to enjoy the fruits of their labour. It requires a lot of grinding to unlock the higher end content and resetting the economy will in my opinion cause many players to leave and start over again with a different community. I agree that there is a lot of money in the city, but instead of punishing our loyal players with a reset, it would be better to just introduce more money sinks into the game (feel free to think of some) and possibly force the police to be more strict with impounding cars of rich players.
  5. I agree. He is a good role player and he creates some very fun scenarios. Keep it up Josh.
  6. Dear mechanics, in the interest of transparency, I have decided to implement a mechanic log. Please make sure you follow the template bellow and file your intervention. The new mechanic log will make it much easier for us to track your work and pay you appropriately. Failure to submit a report might result in significant delays processing delays and/or the denial of your request. Use the following template to file your report: Mechanic's name: Officer's name: Date: Vehicle type: Plate: Reason: Note that we might be moving to a more automated log system soon. If you have any questions or concerns please reply to this letter. Regards, Chef N. Turner
  7. Well done to all the recruits who have passed the academy yesterday. Remember your training and good luck in the line of duty.
  8. Turner

    new mechanic

    It is great to hear that you would like to help out and become a mechanic. I do agree that we need more of them around. The best way forward would be to try and contact a mechanic in roleplay. Maybe try calling them on the phone or just talk to them when you see them driving around in their flatbeds.
  9. Had a lot of fun yesterday with the entire scenario around MRPD and the high speed police chase. It is fun to see people trying to break suspects out. It was a very good exercise for the police and I think everyone learned something from the scenario. Best wishes to you all.
  10. Dear Candidates, The next police academy will be held on Monday 16.09.2019 at 18.00 UK (London) time in the training server! I am sorry for the late notice, but after reviewing the availability of the recruits it seems like it is the best solution. Please make sure you arrive early if possible to avoid delays. The Academy will last approximately 2.5 hours and you will be taught all the basic procedures you need to master to become a good Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). In order to make the academy more structured, it will be divided into 3 zones: Theory, Traffic and Firearms. You are also welcome to join the academy if you would like to refresh your knowledge. If you are thinking of applying to the force now is a great opportunity to do so, since you will not have to wait long to complete the academy. You can apply in the Law Enforcement section on the forums and a member of our recruitment team will get in touch with you soon. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Academy. Best wishes, Chief N. Turner
  11. Amazing suggestion. I wanted to get in touch with someone about the need for a community meeting, but I completely missed this post. Great work Lamb and Mason. I would say do it this weekend at 18.00 or 19.00. Alternatively I could help you set up a google form and we could collect the optimal times that way (same as we do for the police academies).