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  1. Title: LSL EMS Application [ Character Name] Name Brandon Kyle Gender Male Have you ever been arrested/Convicted of a felony? if so explain Never 2.1) Employment History Company Name: Taxi Length of Employment: Three years Title: Manger Job Duties: Employment and making sure people are doing there job Reason for Leaving: Lefted for the Military Company Name: Armed Forces Length of Employment: five Years Title: Classified Reason for Leaving: Lost to many friends couldn't bare to see another die Why do you Want to join the LSL EMS I would like to join EMS as i there is a massive strike of inactive EMS in the city and i want to change that. Also i would like to make people of LS Healthy and fit for Working and making sure theirs less deaths. Main reason is to give back to LS even more than i have i want to be apart of a family again and be apart of a team that changes peoples lifes What do you Feel is your Strength My strength is that im good under Pressure and i am very Fair What is your biggest Weakness My biggest weakness is that i cant sit still i like to be active however this can be used as a advance for the Role of EMS What do you bring to LSL EMS I am a very outgoing person i like to be on my feet and do my job. I am a quick learning and from previous job roles i have many skills thatr could beifit the EMS team such as Fitness and strength for lifting patients in and out of bed, i am very friendly and kind and always taking my job serious. Forum Name Do you have any major Admin Notes that you are aware of? Not that im aware of How long have you been a member of the server { rough guess is fine} about 3 or 4 months Are you apart of any faction on alternative character{s} Dawn richmond and The Damned MC Please provide any Roleplay or IRL experience that you have aquired that may benefit the LSL EMS I am a cadet and know a few medical things not alot Player Information First Name Smoke Gender Male Age 16 Time Zone UK Do you have a working Mic? Yes Do you have Discord/ Teamspeak Yes Do you currently play on any other GTA RP servers and are you in any factions there? Nope