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  1. Qzen

    24/06/2020 v5.3.6

    REMOVED BUS STOP FROM LEGION (And added some other cool stuff at Legion)
  2. You can create your own activity streams and configure what you want to see on your activity page.
  3. Qzen

    12/04/20 v5.2.2

    Added - RC cars (For the first two weeks they will be very exclusive)
  4. Qzen

    09/04/20 v5.2.0

    Added lockdown mode to robberies since people think its funny to rob banks and such 10-15 minutes before a restart giving the cops no time to deal with it. So from now on you are not allowed to do a robbery 30 minutes to a restart. If a robbery is in progress at the 30 minute mark it will be cancelled when lockdown mode starts.
  5. Qzen

    25/11/2019 v4.0.7

    Removed cara2 and fjcrusier from Simeons due to an issue causing peoples games to end up loading forever.
  6. Well, you did have me and @Belle ♡ there as well https://plays.tv/video/5db439cb3e803f2433/penis-flamethrower
  7. Qzen

    MRPD Interior Update

    Here are some more photos
  8. Qzen


    I changed your club to "Closed" which means that people can apply to join it. If I make it "Private" no one will be able to see the club.
  9. Lets give this another try. Just reply with the next number... 1