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New donator cars in for testing, DONATE to find out.

New emote for testing (don't use if you are not authorized).

New S.W.A.T bodyshield in testing by S.W.A.T ONLY!

FIB siren to the FIB Buffalo.
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19/10/2019 v4.0.1
Gauntlet 4 UC SWAT – US Marshall
Dominator UC – LSPD – BCSO -FIB
Grand Cherokee Auto Imports (Need to buy this then RP to have it upgraded to the Demon Hawk)
Demon Hawk (Limited to 10) 
Mercedes Mansory Gronos 6x6 Xtreme (Linited to 1 MP)
Hakuchou Drag handling reworked
Bentley Continental Handling Reworked

(More to come this week)
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