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    i'd like a sick rainbow wrap for my horse
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    please add tim wood to this list passed his Civilian pilots exam Callsign TW-0069
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    Red Ded Life Rp are giving away to ONE lucky player Red Dead Redemption 2 (Special edition)! All you have to do is follow @RedDeadLifeRP1 and @LosSantosLife2. You will also need to retweet the giveaway tweet found on Red Dead Life RP's twitter! Giveaway ends Sunday 22nd December 2019 and the winner will be announced soon after. No staff to enter and you must have been playing on the lsl servers for at least two days.
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    -- UPDATE -- Mission Row Police Department has had a budget of $10 million and has decided to invest it into an extension in the Police Station. After a year of construction, and the Chief deciding the best chair to have in his office we now have a three story police station, more cells, two interview rooms and a lot more. Make sure that you come on down to MRPD and have a look around. Added: New interior for MRPD Raj has been working hard to get the new police station in, but if you find any bugs then make sure to let Raj know.

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