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    Once again Fame or shame will be gracing the city of Los Santos with its Gigantic presence! We want your talents; We want to make you a STAR! So, if your momma has told you can sing or that you are talented why not come along and audition for us? 

    Auditions take place Saturday 12th September at 20:15 (BST) at the Davenport Arena (Previously known as the Maze Bank Arena).

    Meet our Three Judges The beautiful talentless......Oh we mean talented reality/Movie star Scarlett Brooks, Pete Rickers and A guest judge who will be revealed on the night! Are you excited? I know we are!

    Loads of new cars and cash prizes up for grabs!

    Car 2 500.png

    Car 3 500.png

    car 4 500.png

    car 5 500.png

    car 500.png

    car6 600.png

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