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  • Retail Therapy anyone?


    Added custom clothing & custom hairstyles for both male and female

    Added 100 Plus new pieces of clothing (total) for both male and female (More to come soon!)

    These include dresses, hoodies, jackets, shorts, skirts, shirts and more!

    This number is an estimate and does not include textures/colours for each item of clothing, meaning there are more than 100 textures/colours, but there are 100 Plus individual items of new clothing.

    Added 45 new hairstyles (total) for both male and female

    Added a couple of easter eggs in the clothes. Enjoy 😊

    Use of Auto Imports/Bike Nation staff shirts is illegal if you do not work for them. So please DO NOT USE!

    For a complete list of all clothes and hairstyles added (This list is constantly changing!):



    Added New Interior

    Sandy Shores Police Department


    Known bugs:

    High heels can bug out shoes next to them in the list causing you to float slightly or will put your feet in the ground with heels on.

    To fix floating, go all the way left until you go down and then go right to select the shoes again.

    To fix being in the ground, go all the way right until you are raised up, then select the heels again

    Some items of clothing are designed to be used with another item of clothing. An example is ‘3 options of female shoes are designed to work with some socks/tights’ and without them will look odd.

    Some hairstyles can/will clip through some hats, Vehicles.

    For males, there are some beard options located in the clothing store and not the barbers.

    If you find any other bugs please report them to a member of the development team.


    New Menu Added Press the ‘Y’ Key and enjoy

    Added New Interior Sandy Shores Police Department

    new clothes 3.png

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