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    Purge Event Rules


     Thursday's event (31.11.19)

    - Teams will be allowed as well as solo play! 

    - Everyone taking part in the event MUST be in Team Speak (if you need help with this please contact a staff member).

    - The event will only be able to be played in the city, anyone caught out of the event zone will be disqualified immediately (Please see map below).

    - The DOD will be granted Immunity. This means that they are not taking part in the event.

    - All weapons, excluding Explosives will be granted during the event

    - Rule 16 still applies to the server anyone found to be breaking this rule will disqualified from the event and kicked from the server.

    - Once you are dead you are out! you may return the the normal LSL role-play servers.

    Saturday's Event (02/11/19)

    - Same rules as above BUT there are some changes so please read below!

    - This is a solo event NO teams. This is a free for all.

    - For BOTH events owners say is final

    If you have any questions you can contact a staff member via Discord or TeamSpeak



    map purge - Copy.png

    Edited by Elliebe

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