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  • Halloween festivities!



    Date: 29/10/20
    Location: Beach Garage 8pm UK Time

    How it will work
    There will be in total 10 “pumpkins” Around the map. The aim will be to find a pumpkin and drive it to the start to win a prize. There will be prizes for all but only 4 BIG Prizes. It will be in 2 waves of 5 with 2 of the main prizes hidden in each round. (so, a 2 / 5 chance you will get a good prize). Prizes will be locked to the number plates of the pumpkins.

    There are only a few rules.
    To participate you must be in a Halloween costume.
    No shooting event staff but you may “fight” to take pumpkins from other people before they are delivered.
    No using Helicopters / planes to find Pumpkins
    All Pumpkins will be Bright Orange Pantos and plates will be noted down and winners assigned to plates. You damage the car and break it, if you cannot fix it and return it to the start you lose out on that prize.

    You can only win once


    🎃Prizes 🎃


    You can only win once

    Main Prize 1 - Cyclone $2 Mil

    Main Prize 2 - Coquette D10 $1.9 Mil


    Main Prize 3 - Marshall (Monster Truck) $3 Mil


    Main Prize 4 - RVFF - $8 Mil

    Normal Prizes 1 - 6: Secret 🙂 $450k Each


    🎃Halloween Party🎃

    30th October 7pm (BST)



     🎃Top secret special Halloween event 🎃

    Coming to a spooky place near you 31st of October approximately 6pm (BST) Be on the server to find more!



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