Qualified Pilots List

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Qualified Pilots List

Qualified Helicopter Pilots Law enforcement 

ASO Capt Kam (Advanced instructor)
SSgt Robertson (Head ASU - Advanced SWAT)
Chief of Police N Turner 
Sgt Gibson (Advanced Pilot) (Ins)
Sgt J Smith (Advanced Pilot) (Ins)
Sen Ofc Taylor (SWAT Advanced) (Ins)
USM J. Kingston (Advanced Pilot) (Ins)

Qualified Helicopter Pilots EMS

Raj Bhama – EMS Lead Pilot (EMS Instructor) (Advanced Pilot Helicopter)

Civilian Helicopter Pilots

Tim ’The Tiger’ Matthews (Kamv) - Lead Helicopter Instructor & Federal Flight Licencing - Los Santos City and State

Pete Rickers [PR1001] Advanced Pilot
Kurt Welter -  [KW-1007] Ins
Thomas Harding 
Divina Johns
Mathew Parks - [MP-6585] Advanced Pilot
Jack Davenport - [JD-1986]  Advanced Pilot
Mason Rees - [MR-2004]
Micheal Green - [MG-0024]
Callum Lamb - [CL-1870] Advanced Pilot
Stella Davenport Jones - [SJ-5050]
Peter Ennis - [PE-0001] Advanced Pilot
Phil Mccracken [PM-2359]
Richard Scott [RS-2038]
Harry Anderson - [HA-1000]
Steven West - [SW-7878]

Tom Springfield [TS-0328] Advanced/Basic Helicopter Instructor

Aidan Agar [AA-1527]

Markus Wrench [MW-1803]
Ryan DeTree - WeazelNEWS Head-Reporter [WN1111]

Richard Cheese [RC-1989 ]

Tyrelle Jenkins {TJ-6969} Advanced Pilot
AlKhandro Medo [AL-9889] Advanced Pilot


Fixed wing (Planes) Civilian Pilots

Tim ’The Tiger’ Matthews (Ins Los Santos City and State)
Mathew Parks - [MP-6585] Advanced Pilot
Jack Davenport - [JD-1986]  Advanced Pilot
Pete Rickers (PR1001) Advanced Pilot.
Kurt Welter [KW-1007]
Sam Light [SL-1800]
Vlad Harkonnen - [VH-0102]

DOD Pilots

Markus Davis (Fighter Jet & Attack Helicopter)
Alan Jones (Attack Helicopter - Fixed Wing) - (Ins)
Henry Murdock (Attack Helicopter - Fixed Wing)
(Ins=Flight Instructor)

James Carson (Attack Helicopter)

If this list needs amending contact Raj Or Kam Or Lamb

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Kurt Welter have a Nice holiday for 2 weeks on greece flight training will continue after my holidays 

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Please add Richard Cheese to this list passed his Civilian pilots exam Callsign RC-1989


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