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Bolingbroke Penitentiary renovations

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Are you a hardened criminal who spends most of their time in Bolingbroke Penitentiary? Has it become a second home for you? Well The people of Los Santos have very kindly paid their taxes so that the prisoners could get a beautiful state of the art renovation!  Oh, what am I saying! Money hasn’t been spent on upgrading the prison who do you think you are?! The Government officials spent that money AGES ago on their second families Villa in Malta and buying Lambos for their over privileged children who will never earn a penny a day in their spoilt lives!

But the prison has received a make under! The prison is now rather dirty and grungy perfect for that solitary life in prison! There is a laundry room where you can clean your orange jumpsuits. Cafeteria for food a Gym where a rather buff female bodybuilder seems to live….Wonda, I wouldn’t mess with her! The cells have been made darker with less creature comforts mostly because the city officials need to make cutbacks to afford the luxury Christmas party on some yacht in Taipei…. It’s going to be POPPIN!

Fancy checking them out? Well pick a pocket or rob a bank, just make sure to be caught!









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