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Car Damage Changes

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There is probably mods out there that Development can take and change for our servers needs.

What I have been thinking about that would do great for our server is:

- Different parts of the car break when crashed like steering, transmission, Engine, etc.

         This would need a command that all players can run to see their cars current condition.

- Cars don't get fixed when put in the garage ( prevents players taking advantage of game mechanics)

          This would make people drive with more caution

- Having 2 levels of repair kits: 

          (basic) sold at the shops currently only fix engine and Transmission 50%  so you can get to a mod shop or mechanic to fix.

          (advanced) sold by mechanics only and it repairs the car 90% where you will not need a mod shop or mechanic right away.

This would give more RP situations for the Mechanics and another avenue of money for them.

The mechanics would have to buy material from You Tool for example and go make the advanced kits to sell.

Payment for fixing your car at a mod shop should become a set price that is more than a mechanic fix would be. This would encourage players to RP with the mechanics more often and would save money.

Last is that any government service (cops, EMS, FIB, etc..) that has the repair option in their menu only works as a basic kit and their department would have to buy the advanced kits for them or the player can buy them out of their own cash.

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Sounds like interesting changes, I'll probably personally look into what's possible doing. Maybe if we're lucky some of this can become a thing.

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