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ems application

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  • Name Jay (LSL name)-- Ryan (IRL)
    First Middle Last Swingler (LSL name)-- Popkins (IRL)

  • Gender -Male

  • Have you ever been arrested/Convicted of a felony? if so explain 







  • 2.1) Employment History

    Company Name:

    Length of Employment: 


    Job Duties:

    Reason for Leaving:


    Company Name:

    Length of Employment: 


    Job Duties:

    Reason for Leaving:




Why do you Want to join the LSL EMS 
[answer Minimum of 50 words]

I would like to be with the EMS as it would motivate me to be more active on the server, as i kinda got bored of playing. I would also like to be an EMS as it would make RP for me and hopefully others better. It  would give me great opportunity to meet new people on the sever, whether they are an EMS or not. I also believe there needs to be a whole lot more of EMS, as whenever im on i see probably 1 each week.

It would also help me out on money struggles on the server, as i am very poor due to being robbed plenty of times, (part of the reason i stopped playing for a while) and i also think with me being in the EMS, it would really help out the police with not dealing with injuries.

  What do you Feel is your Strength 
I aim to be active on the server (apart from school, and important events) as much as possible, but like i said earlier i got burnt out but a new start would make me play a bunch

I am also very confident, not afraid to speak to new people, i feel this is particularly important as if someone is shy and introverted, it would feel awkward to speak to them.

I also will stay on helping people out UNTIL everyone is ok, i think this because if i was the only EMS available, it wouldn't be fair to just leave the rest.
  What is your biggest Weakness
I am quite immature, but i hope this doesnt overwrite your choice to recruit me.

I could inactive due to school, which i hope you all understand as its very important to me.
  What do you bring to LSL EMS

I am a very nice and good guy. I am also very honest. I am also very good to positive towards tasks i need to do, no matter what. 






Forum Name-cubehead77
  Do you have any major Admin Notes that you are aware of?
  How long have you been a member of the server { rough guess is fine}
4-6 months
  Are you apart of any faction on alternative character{s} 
  Please provide any Roleplay or IRL experience that you have aquired that may benefit the LSL EMS 
I was a police officer on a server once, and again there was little EMS.

Player Information 

  First Name-Ryan
  Age-14 (was told to apply from other EMS as they need people.)
  Time Zone-GMT
  Do you have a working Mic?-Yes
  Do you have Discord/ Teamspeak 
Do you currently play on any other GTA RP servers and are you in any factions there?


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