LSL EMS Application-James Windsor

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  • Name-James
    First Middle Last-WIndsor

  • Gender-male

  • Have you ever been arrested/Convicted of a felony? if so explain 
    [Answer]no, i have no felonies







  • 2.1) Employment History-no employment, thats the reason id like this job, to do something good and give back to the community

    Company Name:

    Length of Employment: 


    Job Duties:

    Reason for Leaving:


    Company Name:

    Length of Employment: 


    Job Duties:

    Reason for Leaving:




Why do you Want to join the LSL EMS 
[answer Minimum of 50 words]-I think there are a few main reasons why id like to join the LSL EMS. I think the main reason is being so new to the city, i lack interactions and meaning, i really want to be able to go home at night and sit down with a cold one and think "you know what, i feel valued".  At the moment i dont really feel i fit in anywhere, this will be a good oppurtunity to settle in and find where i belong. I also feel that if i join the LSL EMS i will be able to make some great friends, i recently moved from Altis (//ARMA 3) and made so many great and amazing friends who i still contact on a regular basis.  Its not only personal development which motivates me to join, i feel that people go along living their lives, cleaning up the rubbish on the streets, catching criminals or even just living their life, its only natural they get hurt sometimes, and if they do so much to help me and protect me, then there is no reason i shouldn't join the LSL EMS and give back to the community which helps me strive and prosper.  Lastly and the least important reason, being new to the city i really am struggling for money, i can barely afford food or housing or even a new car to travel, this is why it will be even better so while im getting all these great benefits of the LSL EMS i can be earning a salary and providing for myself. 

  What do you Feel is your Strength 

i feel as a human  i come with an array of strengths and weaknesses, i think my most prominent strength is my activity, apart from school hours i am on pretty much all the time, most of my time is spent on my computer on fivem,  i mean no offense, but when ive been on the server ive noticed that EMS activity could be improved, i feel with my activity i really can make a difference and bring those standards of activity up and bring a new life to the EMS

  What is your biggest Weakness

I feel my biggest weakness in life is my desire to work hard and not quit until i finish, for instance if i have homework and i started it at 10pm, i would happily stay up till 1pm finishing it, this can be bad as i can get very worn out and tired. This can be applied to being an EMS as if i am the only one whos on duty, if alot of people were dying, id refuse to log off until they were all revived and the death rate slowed down, this can be a weakness as the next day i may feel really tired and my school work may suffer.

  What can  you bring to LSL EMS

I believe I should be recruited for the LSL EMS  as I would be a positive addition to the team, I  believe I  have a very positive attitude when it comes to doing my job, for example, no matter what I am always happy to respond to people and I love role-playing with the people of Los Santos . I never complain when issued with a task and if I disagree with something I will politely raise a point about it. I can also bring efficient communications to the team so everyone gets a better picture about what's going on and this means we work better as a team. I feel i am a nice person if you get to know me, i can be funny and mature when needed to be, i think if you are on a patrol with me i can motivate people to work as we can have a chill conversation while patroling which brings a nice atmosphere and encourages people to do well. My final point is my activity, as mentioned before apart from school time most if not all my hours are spent on my pc playing some sort of game (mostly fivem) so i will be really active and always here to help people.







Forum Name
  Do you have any major Admin Notes that you are aware of?
  How long have you been a member of the server { rough guess is fine}
I have been a member a day but I contacted raj and he said to apply anyway and see what happens
  Are you apart of any faction on alternative character{s} 
  Please provide any Roleplay or IRL experience that you have aquired that may benefit the LSL EMS 

I was once a cop on a different server and interacted with EMS alot, also i know its a different game but i was a really high medic on arma 3 and helped to run the recruitment program (RTD) this could benefit the LSL EMS because when i get accustomed here i can try be a recruiter and use some knowlege from there to help out here.

Player Information 

  First Name-Ross
  Time Zone-English timezone (GMT i think)
  Do you have a working Mic? yes
  Do you have Discord/ Teamspeak both
Do you currently play on any other GTA RP servers and are you in any factions there? no

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