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The whitelist server is created for those that want to experience the true serious RP that LSL has to offer. Only the people with the best RP will get accepted to the whitelist server.
To be able to join the whitelist server you must be selected or create an application and submit it to the QA team. The QA team will review you application. If you haven’t heard from us within 2 weeks, please contact a QA officer and ask us about your application. In order to apply for the whitelist server please click on the link below.

Requirements for the whitelist server are:
  • You have a good reputation within the community
  • You are a community member
  • You are not banned from the server and/or TeamSpeak
  • You are active

If you do become a Whitelisted player. You can choose to transfer your character over. However you will not have any cars or money. It is a fresh start. If you chose to transfer your character over, you will lose it on the public. Please contact a QA officer about the transferring procedure before choosing to transfer a character over.

Application link:
Click me!

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