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Why donate?

Los Santos Life is a community that has been set up by a staff team with a proven track record for creating or being involved in successful role-play servers either by developing or being staff in servers such as Island Life Gaming, Urban Life, New Legacy Gaming, Takistan Liberation and Underground Gaming. We hope to continue our success in Los Santos Life by creating a new type of immersive role play, that will be enjoyed for years to come and create a haven for like minded individuals or groups that are looking to meet new people and enjoy gaming to the max.

You are donating towards the community, you will not be refunded for any donation recieved.
You are not paying for a product such as queue priority, this is a thank you perk.

Where will my donation go?

Your donations will go directly to paying for the dedicated servers that host our website, TeamSpeak, and LSL game servers. As we continue to move forward, donations will also be used to expand and improve Los Santos Life as well as hosting special RP events with rewards and prizes. We also wish in the future, to expand the community into new games and new areas. Rest assured knowing your money is being put to great use. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the Owners and or Directors. Thank you for your continued support.

How much should I donate?

There is no recommended amount, we appreciate any and all donations!
But donations of £10 or above will be rewarded with priority in the queue.

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