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  2. Turner

    new mechanic

    It is great to hear that you would like to help out and become a mechanic. I do agree that we need more of them around. The best way forward would be to try and contact a mechanic in roleplay. Maybe try calling them on the phone or just talk to them when you see them driving around in their flatbeds.
  3. Had a lot of fun yesterday with the entire scenario around MRPD and the high speed police chase. It is fun to see people trying to break suspects out. It was a very good exercise for the police and I think everyone learned something from the scenario. Best wishes to you all.
  4. Dear Candidates, The next police academy will be held on Monday 16.09.2019 at 18.00 UK (London) time in the training server! I am sorry for the late notice, but after reviewing the availability of the recruits it seems like it is the best solution. Please make sure you arrive early if possible to avoid delays. The Academy will last approximately 2.5 hours and you will be taught all the basic procedures you need to master to become a good Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). In order to make the academy more structured, it will be divided into 3 zones: Theory, Traffic and Firearms. You are also welcome to join the academy if you would like to refresh your knowledge. If you are thinking of applying to the force now is a great opportunity to do so, since you will not have to wait long to complete the academy. You can apply in the Law Enforcement section on the forums and a member of our recruitment team will get in touch with you soon. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Academy. Best wishes, Chief N. Turner
  5. Amazing suggestion. I wanted to get in touch with someone about the need for a community meeting, but I completely missed this post. Great work Lamb and Mason. I would say do it this weekend at 18.00 or 19.00. Alternatively I could help you set up a google form and we could collect the optimal times that way (same as we do for the police academies).
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  7. I would like to apply for this as i think there isnt enough, mechanics. I am very active and would love to be one.u
  8. I would say 6 PM UK on any day
  9. Last week
  10. i do agree, so far the staff ive gotten to check it out have gotten addicted and i am so proud
  11. Rose

    This Or That

    Rain! Black or Red
  12. Rose

    New EMS

    working on getting the links fixed -Stacy Jackson EMS Sup
  13. Have him apply here then -- EDIT : Nvm, Application link is broken.
  14. We need to make the Josh Harris medical service, there are no EMS and me and him are always active and trying to change the city. #Harris2020
  15. Earlier
  16. im a few behind on the current season but if anything every1 should watch this for the music! so good
  17. Kurt Welter have a Nice holiday for 2 weeks on greece flight training will continue after my holidays
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