Los Santos Life

Changelog  10 latest entries


We have updated the queue system to hopefully remove some issues regarding getting stuck in queue and potentially loose your position.
The updated queue will also play part in another big update to come.

Stay tuned ;)


Added Server Banners To Public Servers
Added Connecting Banners To Public Servers (May take up to 24 hours before taking effect)
Added Teamspeak IP Address To Server Browser Screen

Updated Discord Link In Server Browser Screen
Updates Server Icon

(Please Note These Updates May take up to 24 Hours Due To Wait For The Fivem Services To Update Them)


Added new gta5 casino cars into the server (Still in beta testing as we have to wait for fivem to release them after 3 months or so)
(The resource will be called lsl_new_dlc, so if you cant download keep trying it is not that big)
The handling of the cars are subject to change
Any issue with the cars contact Raj on discord


Added New Helicopter Garages, changed the look and spawn heading
Added New Fixed Wing Garages (re New Fixed wing store going live)
Added New Boat Garages, Public ones are displayed on the minimap (Do not use the private ones unless you own the property). ReNew Boat Store going live.
Changed Look of Car Garages (All have had the heading location changed (the direction the car spawns in).
New Door Locking System Implemented Statewide (Re Properties)
New Door Locking System implemented at MRPD

Added Helicopter Store. (Find out in RP)
Added Fixed Wing Store. (Find out in RP)

Mercedes estate increase in top speed.
Fixed Simions Bug Fixed

Any Issues Such As Your Garage Is Missing ETC, Please Contac Raj Via TeamSpeak Or Discord


Hospital Interior to Mount Zonah medical (Still a WIP)
Added Mercedes A class 45sb
Added Porsche 356 speedster

Ferarri 812 Handling

Any bugs please notify raj or post them in the report a bug section on the forums/discord



Ferrari F812 (Limited to 15)
Bentley Bentayga Mansory
Bentley Continental 2018
Lamborghini Hurricane Performante (Limited to 10)
BMW i8 Roadster (Limited to 15)

BSCO/SASP Skin Fenyr

Moved Drug Factory Location made Live

(Hospital Interior added Later tonight – announcement to follow)

Any Bugs Please Notify Raj


Added 1 Garage

Removed from Simeons:


  • Added 2016 Dodge Charger
  • Added Chevy Suburban
  • Added 2017 Chevy Camaro
  • Added McLaren Senna
  • Added Sea Ray 650 Fly
  • Added Sea Ray L650 Express
  • Added 2 Garages


  • New Security Job
  • Added New Animation For All LEO Jobs
  • Added /vest and /no vest for LEO
  • Added Carbine Attachments to the LEO Armoury
  • Added Garages To Most Civ Houses


  • WMotors Fenyr Supersport Civ & LEO Versions
  • Aston Martain DB11
  • Tesla Model X
  • BMW M5 F90
  • Cara 4x4 new customization

All GTA4 cars, if you are missing cars such as the PMP600, Feltzer, Esperanto, FXT, Hakumai, Merit, Perennial, Rancher, Sentinel4, Superd2, Turismo please contact Raj for a reimbursement.
If you are trying to get out your car and it doesn't spawn then contact Raj on Teamspeak or Discord.