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2nd Public ???

Posted 4 months ago - By Raj

Due to high demand, we have decided to open a 2nd public server, this means at busy periods and at non-busy periods you can join any of the 2 public servers. They will share the same database, which means that anything you gain on server 1 you will have on server 2 and vice versa (This also includes factions and business). If you donate as a thank you, we will give you priority queue on both servers and the whitelist (If eligible).

Please note that the whitelisted server has a separate database and if you wish to join the whitelisted server you can find the form in the link below.

Link Here

This will be live at 6pm GMT today

Many Thanks,
Raj Bhamra | DIrector Of Media 



Comments (3)

steelyy 4 months ago
eyyyyy sweet

WIlliamopengko 4 months ago
Good ide mr

tobias0612 4 months ago
thats an waesome idea :D
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