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Posted 1 year ago - By Mikeeyhz (Banned)

During this week we have made a lot of changes to the community and one of them is that we have set all community members back to normal members. We have made this change as a part of some more changes that will be coming soon.

This does not mean that everyone has permanently lost their community member status, you will be able to get this back.

To do this you have to re-apply on our website. We want to make sure that the members of our community follow our Member's Code of Conduct:


* You must have a working microphone.

* You must show a good sense of maturity and represent the LSL community in a positive light.

* You must be active within the community, somewhere near 2 days a week or more preferably.

* You must treat others within the community with respect as if you were speaking to them IRL.

We do want to point out again: our server is not whitelisted, community members are here to get access to a seperated part of the forums and get involved in events outside of the game like community meetings and game nights.

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