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Hello all and welcome too Los Santos Life™ © 2015-2019, here is a list of server information for LosSantosLife, if there is anything that you feel is missing or should be added just PM me.

Direct Connection Information: Public 1 Public 2

Both servers are connected to the same database. Meaning what ever you do on one server saves to the other and visa versa, so you lose nothing by playing on any of the above two servers.



The server rules can be found here: https://www.lossantoslife.com/rules

/tweet [message] - This will send out a "tweet" that will be visible to all players.
/report [ID] [message] - Use this to report a player breaking rules or to report a bug or you need admin assistance.
/ooc [message] - Use this for out of character text and help, this is visible to everyone.
/me [message] - To simulate thoughts that cannot be interpreted through game mechanics.
/do [message] - To simulate actions that you cannot do through game mechanics.
/k - Use this to kneel down on the floor with your hands on your head.

Key Binds
[ Z ] - Inventory (what you are carrying)
[ E ]- Interaction Key
[ G ] - Lock/Unlock (Car or Bike if you own them)
[ T ] - Chat (OOC)
[ U ] - Player Count (check your city ID - See Police and EMS presence)
[ X ] - Put your hands up
[ B ] - Point
[ Z ] - Player Menu (please look as you can open your phone here etc)
[ F7 ] - Open up emote list

Job Guides - Further In Game Information


Graphics and Audio Settings
Graphics Settings: Turn off the option named "Pause game on Focus Loss", this will allow you to tab out of the game without it pausing.
Audio Settings: Turn off the option named "Mute Audio on focus Loss" this will allow you to tab out of the game and hear game/voice audio.

The server's changelog can be found here: https://www.lossantoslife.com/forum/los-santos-life-16/changelog-55


Donations help us to keep the servers running and allow us to add new things to the servers and community. Please feel free to donate here: https://lossantoslife.com/donate

Any amount is welcome, however if you donate £10.00 pounds or more as a thank you we will give you queue priority.

If you have any questions or issues please feel free to join our teamspeak and enter the support waiting room channel or message me or one of the staff on the website or enter our discord and ask for help.

Thank you

Kind Regards

Los Santos Life™ © 2015-2019

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