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Perhaps consider adding LSD - a drug which would carry with it a lesser sentence than other drugs for possession but would carry a heavy sentence for production, similar to other drugs.

How would it be created?
Although this isn't exactly the same process to create LSD, it's a rough version as to how you would do it;

- Purchase blotter paper from a convenience store for a small sum of $100, allowing you to create tabs when combined with the right materials.

- A manufacturer would have to pick seeds from plants in a particular area, most probably a vineyard, adding risk for the manufacturer - not necessarily because picking seeds is illegal but because you'd be trespassing on farmers land. This expands police patrol routes beyond the city whilst also creating more roleplay.

-Add the ability to purchase bottles of ethanol from a black marker dealer for $400, 1 bottle of ethanol mixed with the 10 seeds would create bottled LSA (Lysergic Acid Amide) in your inventory. If police find you with LSA, they should be able to assume you're a manufacturer and sentence you.

-The LSA can then be heated and evaporated in the bottle, done through an option in your inventory where it usually says "Give Item" or "Drop Item". Maybe add more risk for the manufacturer by making this part of the process have a 15% chance to take off 5 health. The completion of this process would create bottled LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide), creating 5 tabs of LSD when mixed with the blotter paper.


- The effects of taking this drug should last 3 hours of in-game time.

- Hallucinations are a long shot and should probably not be included but could be RPed, however I think a screen overlay would be neccessary to include brighter and more sharper colours. This might make it more hard to drive depending on how bright surfaces are, but should also not be so bright as to make people not want to purchase and consume the drug because of how uncomfortably bright it is.


- This would create more easily accessible illegal jobs and would not require a factory, although if possible a factory would be good for LSD production for factions in addition to the at-home method of creating LSD mentioned above because you would be able to create it in larger quantities.

- This would also open up more RP by providing the means for people to RP hippies - changing the context of some characters to being all-loving rather than the typical all-hating type of characters which are everywhere on the server right now.

// EnergeticSheep
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