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Aug 26th 2017
5 months ago  (2019-01-11 19:00:00)
As you might have noticed, FiveM (finally) did an update to line-up with GTA Online, so many things became available (not everything yet though)

With this, we did decide to push and change a couple of things that were planned for later.

* Admin gun has been changed to use the new Up-n-Atomizer model and sound.
* Most new vehicles have been checked and will be implemented in the coming weeks (Any vehicle that can have guns, won't be publicly available, but might get involved within approved staff directed roleplay events)
* Female SAHP officers have a uniform now as well (more uniforms are to come in the next few days - So we can get rid of the forced NPC models).

* With the new update, some/most muscle cars can now do wheelies when driving away from the line. This is considered reckless driving, so be aware, don't abuse it (over-abuse might get staff attention as well)
* Airplanes take-off and land from the airfields. We're monitoring if they're disruptive or add to the roleplay experience. Any personal experience/feedback is welcome.
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