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- We've made the handling of the vehicles more realistic end-goal. With the vast amount of vehicles in the game, this does mean that some cars don't drive as they should (compared to realism handling). If this is the case, let us know through a bug report on the forum or TS.


- The impound lot will now store your car for 7 days before you can get it out again.


- Removed the fences around Mission Row police station, but be aware. The area is still a restricted area, just without the prison walls.
- Some things have been moved around on the map. If this concerned you, you've been informed personally by the owners.


- The police force have finally figured out what the EMS already knew, how to open up the police menus while in a car. (That deserves a few more donuts tonight!)


- FIB now has a place to work, so we moved their desks from under the bridge.
- Minor handling changes on some of the police cars.


- FBI related vehicles have been moved to a different garage


- New faction based factory implemented.
- FBI has moved into the city.
- I've spend the last 2 or 3 hours filling up the Jacuzzi, hope you like it.
- Stocked up a couple of bars with booze (don't drink and drive!).

- SASP have been relocated to Vice City


- Sometimes the tattoo machine had a hard time telling you were a woman or a man, should be easier now. [LSLG-50]
- When you switch from one character to another, where the first has tattoos and the latter doesn't, it remembered the tattoos of the former character. This is now fixed. [LSLG-50]
- Tattoo shop is now a whitelisted job, speak to the correct staff to inquire if you could become one (we obviously don't want 40 tattoo artists)

Known issues:
- When you go with a character of a specific gender to the tattoo shop, then switch to another character with the other gender. The tattoo shop remembers your initial gender. [Low priority issue]


- Finally got around to buy permanent tyre paint. So now the custom letters from Los Santos Customs should stay and not wash off every time you get it out of the garage. [LSLG-42]

- Helicopter pad placed, we didn't want some people landing on the grass.



Dominator GTX – Handling tweaked (Armour tweaked)
Lancia Stratos (Armour Nurfed work in progress)
Cyclone (Armour Nurfed work in progress)
Police Mustang (HSP Emergency Lights Fixed – Handling Fixed – Armour Tweaked)
Itali GTB2 Custom (Handling File reset – Custom Handling (brakes finally fixed) (Armour Tweaked)
Comet SR (Custom Handling File added) (Armour Tweaked) (Paleto Showroom)
GoPostalVan (Custom Handling File added) (Minor Handling Tweaks)
Phantom (Lumber & Transport Truck) (Custom handling file added) (Minor Handling tweaks)
Ztype (Slight Handling tweak – Armour tweak)) (Paleto Showroom)
StingerGT (Slight Handling tweak – Armour tweak) (Paleto Showroom)
Infernus 2 (Slight Handling Tweak – Armour tweak) (Paleto Showroom)
Cheetah 2 (Slight Handling Tweak – Armour tweak) (Paleto Showroom)
Tampa Drift - (Slight Handling Tweak)
Rally Truck - (Slight Handling Tweak)

Added To New Rally Car DealerShip (Find out in RP)

GB200 removed moved from Simms garage
Lancia Stratos
Dominator Race
Buffalo Race
Jester Race
Rally Truck
Tampa Drift
Massacro Race
*Nero 2 (Special Edition) *
Please note all Vehicles armour rates are work in progress and may be changed without warning. Thank you, Raj, Kam and David.