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  • Added/Changed: The VOIP/Voice system has completely reworked. Your voice range settings actually count now!

Job - Police
  • Removed: `/fine` and `/crush` have been reworked into new commands (see below)
  • Changed: `/jail` - Now incorperates fining a civilian, aswell as sending them off to prison
  • Changed: `/ticket` - reworked from `/fine`, for use only when no jailtime is involved
  • Changed: `/verbalwarning` - used for when not issueing jail time or a ticket
  • Changed: `/seize` - reworked from `/crush`, no longer deletes your vehicle but is instead transfers it to the US Marshals
  • Note: `/jail`, `/ticket`, `/verbalwarning`, `/impound`, `/seize` all directly report to Discord. Speak to your training officer for more information.


So, lately we've been doing some minor releases, some you might have noticed, most probably not.
Some of the things we've done will be mentioned in this changelog.

  • Added: `/mask` command. Does the same as `/hat` and `/glasses`. but for your mask.

  • Added: Some new motorbike models. These are currently in testing, so not yet available for public use.
  • Changed/Verified: Handling of most motorbikes.
    • Note: As always with handling, it's always a work in progress.
    • Note: Zombie motorbikes are known to be a big issue, we're working on it.
  • Changed: Some unmarked police vehicles.


  • Added: Go-Kart track added next to the race track.
  • Changed: Race track has been paved over.
  • Removed: Old Go-Kart installation at the terminal.

  • Changed: Floor paint in Benny's back room.

  • Added: Some railing and walling to finally close up some of the holes in the barriers around the city.
  • Added: US Marshal building.
  • Changed: DOJ textures in US Marshal building.
  • Changed: Lanyard for Department of Justice related factions - US Marshal Office.

  • Removed: Ghost livery Police Corvette C7R (Overpowered & Failed testing)
  • Removed: Jeep Grand Cherokee DemonHawk (Overpowered & Failed testing)
  • Removed: Lancia Stratos (Failed testing)
  • Removed: Nissan R35 (Failed testing)
  • Removed: Unmarked FIB Coquette (Overpowered)
  • Removed: Unmarked Police Coquette (Overpowered)

  • Changed: Ban messages should now show correctly again. Banned user should know that he's banned in the initial message, regardless if the administrator provided a reason.


  • Changed: IAA Badge
    • Replaced the textures of the default IAA Badge to fit Department of Justice, so it can be used for law enforcement purposes.


  • Added: US Marshal office
    • Office will deal with federal warrants and repossession, this includes the repossession jobs that come out of "The Loaners"-faction.
    • Office will deal with internal police issues, working as a mediator and problem solver.
    • DA office will provide US Marshal with warrants to carry out.
    • FIB special agents will have oversight over the marshals.


Added: [Public] New garages have been added to those who have bought them for private property


  • Removed: Department of Justice (DOJ) has been removed as it deviated too much from its original plan. QA will come up with a new faction to deal with people in debt in the coming days. Stay tuned.
    • Note: We have people with well over a million in debt and with no inclination to try and solve this, so a faction will start doing this. If that fails, we might have to step in on a staffing level, but hopefully that will never be required.


  • Added: Public server #2, this server has everything shared with public server #1.
  • Added: More obvious server restart countdown timer. It'll bother and spam your chat every minute from 15 minutes to restart (hopefully the blind will now even smell or hear it)

  • Removed: A couple of Department of Justice vehicles, as they didn't fit the role-play they were used for.


  • New liveries for LSPD, BCSO and SAHP


  • Added: restart notification, starting at 15 minutes before restart and notifying every minute [Whitelist Only]