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- We finally managed to take the scalpel from the barbershop. So, they won't be changing your gender and face anymore (Hurray!)
- [After server restart] Phone numbers will now start with `222`.


Cars - Top speed and handling changes

X80 Proto - Modeled after the Ferrari Laferrari
9F - Modeled after the Audi R8
9F Cabrio - Modeled after the Audi R8 Spyder

Police Interceptor


- We changed the bank robbery system to make it more balanced and (hopefully) force better roleplay for a better experience for all involved.


- Updated one of the new car models that came in with Division Racing. Once this one is tested properly by a few select members, it'll be very likely we'll start selling this one.


- Brought in more apartments.
- Reggie Brooks cleaned out one of the trailers, it's now livable again.
- Yellow Jack is now bought.


- The Typhoon is now modeled after a 4-wheeled vehicle, not a rocket ship.
- Division Racing has received a small shipment of vehicles.


Cars - Top Speed and Handling Changes

Raiden - Modeled after the Tesla Model S
Streiter - Mercedes-Benz E-Class All Terrain 4x4
Typhoon - Modeled on the Pagani Huayra BC
Patriot - Modeled on the Hummer H2
Seven70 - Modeled after the Aston Martin One-77
Cognoscenti - Modeled after the Maybach 57
Carbonizarre - Modeled after the Ferrari F12 (+ Armour Increase)
Tyrant - Modeled after the Apollo Arrow
Comet3 - Modeled after the Porsche 911S
Feltzer2 - Modeled after the Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series
Feltzer - Modeled after the Mercedes-Benz SL
Tempesta - Modeled after the Lamborghini Huracan
Vacca - Modeled after the Lamborghini Gallardo (+ Armour Increase)
Zentorno - Armour decrease only
Dubsta3 - Armour increase only

The Alpha has been recalled by the manufacturer, engineers couldn’t work out where the engine was mounted.



Job changes
- Added a second mechanic job [15]
- New mechanic's job is counted towards 'online' mechanics, they share the same phone number

Property changes
- Made the Mirror Park mechanic shop a bit better lit at night. https://vgy.me/mvPUjf.png
- Also brightened up the lot for Matthew Rally & Race WRX. https://vgy.me/n6Dg39.png


Update for midnight
Welcome to the Christmas 2018 update at LSL. The Christmas event will be going live tonight 01-12-2018 at 00:01, we hope that you enjoy the updates and keep an eye out as there is more to come.
Stay safe and warm this winter, make sure to drive safely and have a lovely Christmas from all at LosSantosLife.com

- Chrismas celebrations
- Snow!
- Legion Square has been rebuilt
- Some of the apartments have been put back
- Interior props for many properties
- SWAT annihilator (Vehicle and location)
- Temporary added Mesa2 [Snow vehicles - Staff only]
- Temporary added RancherXL2 [Snow vehicles - Staff only]
- Approx 4 boats, 50 cars and 5 bikes, they'll be added to Simeon, Auto Import and Matthew Rally & Race WRX in the near future

Vehicle Handling
- Police Helicopter
- Stratos - Modeled after the Lancia Stratos
- Vagner - Modeled after the Aston Martin Valkyrie
- Buffalo3 - Modeled after the Chevrolet Camaro (Nascar)
- Cyclone - Modeled after the Rimac Concept One
- Cara - Modeled after the Ford F150
- Dominator3 - Modeled after the Ford Mustang
- Revolter - Modeled after the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé Concept
- FlashGT - Modeled after the Ford Fiesta RS WRC
- Mesa / Mesa3 - Modeled after the Jeep Wrangler
- Hotring - Modeled after the Chevrolet Lumina (Nascar)
- Tyrant - (Armour increase only)

Important Note
- No one without "advanced flight training" is allowed to fly during the Christmas events. This will be dealt with by the government.



- Scuba has moved to the beach, have a good dive!
- Changed the handling and armour on the Police Taurus and Police Explorer