Los Santos Life

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  • New liveries for LSPD, BCSO and SAHP


  • New liveries for LSPD, BCSO and SAHP


  • Added: restart notification, starting at 15 minutes before restart and notifying every minute [Whitelist Only]


  • Most/All motorbikes have had their retune implemented. If issues still exist around the motorbike handling, contact Development (Aaron-Keener)


General [Public]
  • Fixed: Any offensive action has been turned off while in the safe zone. Players were still punching each other there, so turned it off mechanically.
    • Developers and up are exempt of this mechanic.
    • Tazer is still usable by the police forces (Don't abuse it, else I'm forced to turn that off too).
  • Updated: Weather weights have been changed to favour dry weather even more.


A little bit on the late side of things, but here's the changelog for the big changes you might have noticed in the last couple of days.


- Fully dynamic weather with cloud hats (both change independently).
-- Weather forecasts are available, but not yet fully available for the client.
- Kortz Center is now our welcoming center for new and returning players.
-- Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding many features there to make it easier for both new players and supporting staff to help new players out.
- [Whitelist Only] Jeep Demonhawk.
-- Some staff members have it on public, mostly for testing purposes.
- [Whitelist Only] (JDM) Nissan R35.

- The safe zone has moved from Legion to the Kortz Center.
-- Safe zone is mechanically enforced, but staff will respond harshly if safe zone rules are ignored.
- Driver's license now being sold at the pay station in front of the Kortz Center.
- Job center moved next to the spawn location at the Kortz Center.
- Most motorbikes will now be player sold. Find out who through roleplay.

- Many unused garage, wardrobe, and clothes shop locations.
- All customized props around Legion.
- Most motorbikes from Simeon.
- A lot of code done by a previous developer, this is improving the general FPS by about 20% for most players.
- [Whitelist Only] Removed all GTA4 based vehicles.


- Character selection added to the Clothes store on Route 68



- Garage added to Great Ocean Highway
- Ammunation added to Great Ocean Highway
- Change outfit added to the clothes store on Great Ocean Highway

- Ammunation have received a shipment of weapons:
Melee Weapons:
- Pool Cue
- Wrench
- Antique Knife
- Machete
- Battle-Axe
- Advanced Pistols
- Advanced SNS Pistol
- Heavy Pistol
- Vintage Pistol
- Marksman Pistol
- Revolver
- Advanced Revolver
- Double-Action Revolver
- Taser
- Flaregun

As per usual, any misuse of these new additions will be covered by Rule 12.


Vehicle Handling:
Autarch - Improved traction
Bestia GTS - Better acceleration, handling and breaks
Prototipo - Improved traction
Voltic - Overhauled - Traction, suspension, acceleration, breaking
Vagner - Better traction
Taipan - Better tractions
Tezeract - Overhauled - Traction, suspension, acceleration, breaking


Vehicle Handling:
FMJ - no longer spins its wheels 24/7
Marshall - Can now go off-road
Oracle - Tips over at high speed now (Sorry David, I tried my best!)
ItaliGTO - refined handling file
Schlagen - refined handling file
Toros - refined handling file