Los Santos Life

Los Santos Life Membership Application

Only fill out this application if you want to become a LSL member.

  • Make sure your profile here on the website is up-to-date with all the information. (Name, Age, Email, Location)
  • Please allow 1 - 7 Days to receive a response.
  • Please wait at least 1 week before you reapply if declined.
  • DO NOT ask when we will make our decision.
  • DO put effort into this, and show us you're someone we want in our community, if you fail to put effort in it will be rejected!

Member's Code of Conduct
Here are the list of rules and requirements that apply to all the members of LSL.
  • You must have a working microphone.
  • You must show a good sense of maturity and represent the LSL community in a positive light.
  • You must be active within the community, somewhere near 2 days a week or more preferably.
  • You must treat others within the community with respect as if you were speaking to them IRL.
Failing to comply with the "Member's Code of Conduct" may lead to your removal from the community.

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