Los Santos Life

About Los Santos Life

Los Santos Life is a community that has been set up by a staff team with a proven track record for creating or being involved in successful role-play servers either by developing or being staff in servers such as Island Life Gaming, Urban Life, New Legacy Gaming, Takistan Liberation and Underground Gaming. We hope to continue our success in Los Santos Life by creating a new type of immersive role play, that will be enjoyed for years to come and create a haven for like minded individuals or groups that are looking to meet new people and enjoy gaming to the max.

Los Santos Life will build on the experience, knowledge and opportunities in Grand Theft Auto V to create the most immersive, in-depth role-play experience you will ever find. Whether you are looking to make an honest living within the mining industry or illegally distribute drugs across Los Santos you can be sure to have yourself some fun here! The possibilities with Los Santos Life are limitless, and this will be demonstrated by our active community and staff team.

Here at Los Santos Life we strive to give our members the best gaming experience possible. Joining our community will not only include you into a group of friendly like-minded individuals, it will give you an enjoyable gaming experience. We listen thoroughly to our community members and take their opinions seriously, that's why you can be sure to see the mod getting better and better! We hope to spread through out social media and gather as much support as possible so if you want to help us out in anyway you can then hop on to our pages and start getting involved.